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Top Tips for Essay Writing

April 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 270

You have just walked out of a class and you've been given an assignment - write an essay on the global economic crisis, or the regulation of stem cell research in South America. If you have just started your degree or got through the last academic year with poor test scores, below are some tips to help you produce better essays.

1. Plan your essay in advance and start TODAY

You've probably heard it all before - you need to organise your time correctly, but it's true. You have to allocate time from your classes and socializing with your friends (not to mention any part-time jobs or voluntary commitments) to plan and collate what you will be researching and writing in your paper. Beginning your essay straight after you're given the assignment will put you in good stead rather than starting the day before submission.

2. Have direction and a clear argument.

If you want to produce a clear and concise paper that can be respected in your field of expertise you need to be confident in your own writing ability and understanding of your subject area. You need to plan and direct your argument from the outset, then you yourself should be clear about what direction the essay is headed in. If you inaugurate a bearing for your research, structure and argument - you will be on the path to writing a great essay.

3. Your ideas and research materials need to be organized

You need to put in the time and fully read and understand all your research - a lot of students fail to grasp this. If you arrange your notes, by highlighting, listing and ensuring you know which quote relates to each piece of research then you should be able to find the evidence easier to help support the flow of your argument.

4. Study other writers

Have you got writers block? Are you confused about how to write your essay? Go check out other people's essays and writing styles - how have they kept you devoted to their paper and managed to keep a consistent and enjoyable writing style? Speak with your lecturers/peers and librarians to see other essays from the previous years.

5. Assignment originality

If you are preparing your own research material you should keep a record of the references and quotations. Don't be tempted to copy someone else's work - you will get caught. Your lecturer marking your paper is a professional in the subject you are writing about - they will have read all the research material and know the style of authors in this field. If you pass off something from an author, and don't reference it, then they will notice it straight away, refrain from this at all costs.

6. Make a draft

Creating a first draft is vital, not only because you will have to re-write sections again because they don't make sense or flow correctly, but also because you will want to ensure you haven't missed anything out. Skip the introduction and conclusion at this stage though, as you will want to make sure the body of the document is completed first.

7. Presentation is key

Let's be honest, we can't all be the top cheese when it comes to grammar, spelling and flow of argument - our brains purely won't let us. You should always spell check your paper, but do you have it proofread by someone who can spot the mistakes you fail to see? If not, then you are making a colossal slip-up - not only will your paper look out of sorts, but the irrational flow of argument and poor sentence structure could be the difference in your final mark. The result - could be the difference between a 1st and a 2:1, or you falling short of a distinction in your masters. Get your document proofread today!


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