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Tips On How To Write A Winning Grant

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 124

For non-profit organisations, finding funds to establish their community project is a very high priority. With thousands of dollars in government, non-profit and community grants available, it is vital that you demonstrate that your project is worth funding. In this article, we provide some tips on how to write a grant application that will help you win the funding you need for your project.

1. Before ever writing a grant, develop the best possible project first. Without an excellent project you will just be wasting your time and effort writing a grant application that will not be approved. Your project must be worth funding. Make sure that it addresses a real need in the community and demonstrates clear community benefits.

2. Thoroughly research on the funding opportunities available. Sources of funding projects include the Federal and State government, private foundations and corporations. Each will have different levels of requirement on eligibility of grant applicants, application process and method of evaluation. Identify the goals and objectives of the funding agency. Find out what they require and determine if your project matches with their goals, objectives and requirements.

3. After you have researched on the possible funding opportunities, you can then identify the most appropriate one for your project. Does your project respond comprehensively to the criteria of the funding program? It is vital to select the funding program that is most relevant to your project.

4. Make sure to read and understand all the guidelines of the grant application. Comply with the formatting, word and page limit requirements. All information provided in your submission should be presented in the format specified in the application guidelines. Also, always write your grant application using the first person.

5. Write passionately and objectively. Avoid getting emotional. Instead, focus on what the funding application requires. Keep your answers succinct and organised. Carefully think over each question or criteria being asked and identify the components of the question, then respond in full to each component. In this way, you are able to supply complete and organised information.

6. Include factual information and evidence to support your project. This may include demographic data or information from University studies or reports from government agencies and success rates or outcomes of similar projects. Programs that have previously been validated may give you an advantage in your grant application as these programs have been successful in the past. Also, use tables, graphs and charts in presenting your facts and data to keep your submission interesting and organised.

7. Refer to supporting information and appendices or quote reliable sources where necessary in your submission.

8. Think like an assessor. What would you want to read if you were assessing your application? Prepare a comprehensive narrative about your organisation and proposed project and how your project and funding request is an appropriate match to the criteria and requirements of the grant program.

9. Present an organisational business plan that shows you have the vision, mission and values of a professional organisation. Also make sure to have a comprehensive project plan in place, providing all the information required in the grant submission.

10. Present a clear, concise and realistic budget that will pass public scrutiny. Never inflate the size of your budget request. Your budget narrative and budget summary should match each other.

Some final tips

As grant writing is a time-consuming and often complex task, it may be helpful to employ the services of a grant writing specialist that is knowledgeable and experienced in all the stages of the grant writing process. Grant writers undertake grant research, grant preparation, grant submission and management of awarded grants. A grant writing specialist can also help you find and win the most appropriate funding program for your project.

This article was written by Tom Jerrat for Red Tape Busters. Red Tape Busters is a tender writer and grant writer service that specialises in writing grants and tenders for non-profit organisations in Australia. They have the experience and know-how in grant writing and tenders. Visit for more information.

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