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As an author, it is very important for you to convey your experience on a specific topic or expertise in a concise, readable and informative manner. Your readers will in turn, value your professionalism, consistency and value your expertise on the subject and will want to know you more.

As a result, the purpose of writing your article as a promotion for your products and services are divided into 2 main parts:

  1. Promotion – Most people who submit articles are probably webmasters. The readers will want to know more about you by going to your website. As a consequence of writing articles, your source of traffic may originate from different places and not just from If other webmasters publish your articles, traffic might come from there as well.
  2. Search engine rankings – The benefits of inbound links will also boost your search engine rankings. Proper backlinks using the right keyword will greatly optimize the search engine traffic as well.

Please refer to the following tips in order to help you maximize the benefits from Essence Articles:

  • Article Title/ Heading – If your article title doesn’t entice, the rest of it will go unread. The same principle is also applicable in search engine optimization. Try and have a headline that stands out from the rest. A good ‘hook’ will bring in readers and they will read all the way down the article and make their way to your bio box as well. Please use relevant keywords (the more specific, the better) but do not spam them throughout the place. You don’t want your readers to read your articles and think that it was written by a robot.
  • Article Conclusion – Article summary is very important. If people can’t get an overview of your article, they might lose interest. Time is very precious for a reader. Make sure your summary provides an informative overview and make it creative and enticing.
  • Article Content – Your written content forms the core of your article. Try and scatter your keyword strategically throughout the article. You may also place links to other informative or authoritativewebsites in order to improve the credibility of your product. Make sure it has good quality as no amount of fancy writing can substitute good quality. You want to be popular with your readers for the right reasons so make sure you deliver well. If English is not your first language, make sure you get someone to proofread your articles to avoid any potential problems.
  • Author Bio – You may give some short descriptions about yourself. You have already worked very hard to impress your readers together with your knowledge so don’t lose this chance by blowing them away with a bad bio box. These people might even contact you and become your clients so try and build rapport with them. Share with them some information about you and give them accessible contact information such as your name, phone number, e-mail address as well as a link to your website if you have one.
  • Having concise grammar and spelling in your article is very important! – You have worked very hard to deliver good content and may even have an eye catching headline but if your grammar and spelling skills are not at par, then this will not only irritate the reader but can seriously damage your credibility. You will do well to avoid that and that is why you must always get someone to proofread your article before submission.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions/concerns or suggestions.