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Writing Your Novel - Banging Beginnings or Fantastic Endings!

May 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 76

Is it better to start your novel or short story with an attention-getting bang or leave your reader with an unforgettable ending?

Some books begin with so much drama and action at the beginning. An exciting opening in a novel or short story grabs the reader's attention. If the novel or short story is fiction the writer has free license to develop and write the opening scene as exciting and powerful as she or he desires. In non-fiction the writer can begin the story at one of the most unusual, unexpected and memorable events in the life of the subject for greater impact.

The goal of all of the excitement in your story is to capture and maintain the readers attention. What can happen when the beginning of the story is so exciting is that it can be challenging to maintain that level of interest for the reader. Usually somewhere in the middle of the story the reader's attention begins to wane as the novel or short story winds down to barely a whimper; or the story drags leaving a totally forgettable and disappointing ending.

Another style of writing novels or short stories introduces the characters at the beginning and slowly draws the reader into the story. The characters are introduced along with their particular mannerisms or idiosyncrasies. Memorable mannerisms or idiosyncrasies especially as they relate to the development of the story can capture and maintain interest for the reader.

As you write your novel each characters' connection to the reader is one of the most important techniques a writer can use to capture the readers' attention. It does not matter if the reader develops a positive or negative connection. As each character is introduced the goal is to emotionally attract the reader to the character. Again, the emotional reaction from the reader can be either positive or negative. The key point is that now the writer has the reader's attention. As the reader senses an emotional link to various characters within the novel or short story, the reader develops a desire to continue to read.

When a novel or short story is written to draw the reader into the lives of the characters in the book and if the story is written well, the ending also has to be quite memorable and carry an impact. The ending of the story should be very unexpected or surprising or even somewhat shocking!

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