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The Truth About Wrestling

April 12, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 89

Thousands of hours of practice are spent every year on the skills of wrestling. Drilling take-downs, escapes, reversals, pinning combination's; each aspect of a wrestling match is broken down into its components and developed.

What people don't talk as often about is the biggest issue a wrestler faces going into any season: What weight class am I going to wrestle? This question is important, but the primary reason wrestlers ponder this question is due to the real issue; an advantage.

Wrestlers work themselves down to the lowest possible body weight, and learn water manipulation tactics, in order to give themselves the greatest physical advantages they can on the mat. In the midst of every technique and training session there lies the key to improving the most as a wrestler: your physical advantages.

Yet often times this isn't recognized by those who participate in wrestling. They seek to gain the biggest advantage they can within a weight class, yet practice very little the things that will yield the greatest gains. Without strength training, a wrestler is relying solely on their skill, and ability to lose weight, to help them win a match.

If any wrestler wants to greatly improve their chances of dominating on the mat, it is essential that they explore and develop their strength as maximally as possible in contrast to body weight. Being strong is a relative term; for wrestlers being able to manipulate the opposition with ease is the clearest example of usable strength.

If you take two wrestlers of similar skill and one is twice as strong - the stronger wrestler easily wins. Furthermore, if one athlete is more skilled but the other is significantly stronger, the stronger athlete poses more of a threat. Strength tends to fix mistakes.

This isn't to say that skill isn't important - what I am saying is that strength is equally important. If you haven't given yourself or your wrestlers the means by which to maximize wrestling ability, you are stunting the heights of success.

In any area of life to be the best you must maximize the abilities of each trait that is required for success. Now, you may be aware of another area in your training that needs improvement; dedicate yourself to bettering yourself in this area. By developing your physical strength to meet your skill, you are one step closer to making yourself into the championship wrestler you strive to be.

Bill Rom is the owner and operator of Superior Athletics. He specializes in Performance Training for athletes, as well as advanced training for general populations. You can read more performance articles from Bill, and learn about Superior Athletics, by visiting

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