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The Heart Healer, By: Boma Akainy - Book Review

June 26, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 122

God gave us The Ten Commandments, and if you multiply those terse rules by life's situations, you come up with the chapters listed in Boma Akainy's book titled, The Heart Healer. In her straight-talking, honest, sensitive and knowledgeable style, Boma Akainy "Tells it like it is," without holding back on anything she wants to convey, nor spinning her words into more socially acceptable terminology. She is direct, tough, sincere and kind, while also being wise, loving, supportive and passionate about her advice to women.

The Heart Healer is postured as a book for women of all races and ages, however most pertinent to young African-American women. Boma Akainy has her fortitude gained by first-hand experience along with many interviews, all filtered by her obvious conviction of faith, and love of God. "With age comes wisdom," and "If I only knew then what I know now" are phrases which come to my mind as I paged her many examples of life's events which at times are confusing to all of us; but later seem so obvious as to what action or feeling should have been exercised. From explaining the physiological changes which occur to all women during menstruation to citing examples of feminine behavior in relationships, marriage, and work, each topic is boldly and honestly articulated with clarity and conviction. Even when it comes to sex, she gets to the point in a direct, blunt and unashamed way. I found myself in agreement with everything she said. Boma Akainy has a powerful way about her, that's for sure. She doesn't hold back any punches when she tells it like it is, nor does she mix her words. Her messaging is clear and straight forward; her main point, "Girl, take control of your life."

How do you handle a husband that cheats? Or a man that is bad in bed? How do you tell a mother-in-law to get out of your marriage's problems and situations; to mind her own business? What do you do when things are out of control in your life and what you want is wrong and the right thing is too hard to do? These situations are clearly explained as Boma Akainy provides a "road map" to guide you through so many of life's inevitable challenges.

Written from and for a woman's point-of-view, The Heart Healer is a perfect book to buy as a gift for any female friend going through tough times, even if that "friend" is you! Being your own best friend is one of Boma's chapters, and from a self-help point-of-view The Heart Healer is invaluable in reconstructing your life after some significant loss. Although a disclaimer of being "For Women Eyes Only" should appear on the cover, I have seen men also learn about becoming a better person by reading this book as well. Let's face it; it takes two to make love.

Barbara C. Miller is a book reviewer for Pacific Book Review. Please visit for more information.

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