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A Special Space in Your Home for the Deserving Woman

October 14, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 156

Moving into your first apartment? Leaving a huge home to go to a small retirement apartment? Designing your own home for your family of five? HERS: Design with a Feminine Touch, is an illustrated guide to empower women to create a beautiful female sanctuary out of even the smallest cubby in their homes. Pages of photographs, sidebars and explanations guide amateur decorators to create fresh, sophisticated and inviting feminine décor. Just as each woman needs a "go-to" dress, each is entitled to a personal, glamorous space where she can relax and express her individuality. Yours may be a reading nook, bedroom nightstand home office, or garden path.

Author Jacqueline deMontravel, editorial director of Beckett Media's lifestyle group, edits Romantic Homes magazine. She has two decades of experience in magazine publishing. Her other books include Vintage Vavoom, The Vintage Table and 21st Century Etiquette. Marisa Crawford, Jacqueline deMontravel, Bret Gum, Jaimee Itagaki and Mark Tanner provided the photographs for a feast-for-the-eyes book.

The book abounds with practical suggestions, such as adjusting the layout of your room and colorizing without scaring off the opposite sex. Suggestions are given for thoughtfully displaying important mementos and adding interesting accents. Also discussed is how to choose the era and locale that fits your unique style. Editing is encouraged. In other words, throw away the clutter so that you can enjoy the treasures you've decided to highlight.

The suggestions are refreshingly not all about lace and pearls, but cater to those with busy lives who require a relaxing space-a "just for me" alcove. The photographs are a major player in this illustrated book. The reader can daydream as she takes in the detail in each shot. Ideas abound. So many different styles are presented that each woman will find something just for her within the pages of HERS: Design with a Feminine Touch.

Crown Publishing Group via NetGalley graciously supplied the advance review copy for my unbiased opinion.

Holly Weiss's debut novel, Crestmont, a historical fiction gem set in the 1920s, can be found at and on Amazon at Free reprint of article if bio is intact.

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