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Cranberry Is The Best For Urinary Tract Infections

July 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 188

A person suffering from urinary tract infection suffers from a lot of burning and itching in the urinary tract. They need to visit the bathroom frequently. The bacteria in the bladder do not flush out and stays in the bladder. This causes the infection in the urinary tracts. Natural supplements using cranberries is known to be the best for such infections.

It is suggested that a minimum of two glasses of juice from cranberries prevents itching or burning. Cranberries are known to keep the urinary tract in good health for a long time. The compounds present in the juice prevent the attachment of bacteria to the urinary tract. This one glass of juice will have a positive effect for around eight hours. So, drinking this twice in a day will show necessary effect. The juice that has twenty seven percent of cranberry is good for preventing the disease. Many kinds of cocktails that contain twenty seven percent of cranberry are good to prevent this condition. People should read the label for the content of fruit in it before making the purchase.

The compounds present in this fruit like proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, hydroxycinnaminc acid and anthocyanidins have medicinal uses. Many antioxidants like these help in preventing the urinary tract infections. Pure juice of this fruit helps the bacteria to be dislocated from the tract. The glue that is used by the bacteria to stick to the tract is dissolved by the substances present in cranberry. Unsweetened juice, if had on a daily basis, prevents the disease from occurring. This adds acidity to the urine and makes it difficult for the bacteria to survive. A study revealed lesser occurrence of this condition in women who drank pure and unsweetened juice along with ten to twelve glasses of water every day.

Eating the fruit directly is also a good option. Studies have shown that sixteen ounces of juice is equivalent to one and half ounces of fruit. Supplements that are not sure of the fruit content in them are not recommended. Patients suffering from chronic conditions should not rely completely on these natural supplements, as this might not be enough to reduce the infection. Cranberries are mostly used to prevent rather than treatment. If already suffering from this condition, people need to consult a doctor to get the right medicine.

Cranberries are helpful in many other ailments. Regularly consuming this juice prevents dental plaque, tooth decay, and kills many other bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and cancers. Blood cancer and other disorders, vomiting and loss of appetite can be prevented by regular drinking of this juice. Doctors suggest that women who are in the condition of pre menopause should drink two glasses of twenty seven percent cranberry juices to prevent chances of urinary tract infections. These people are more at risk as they have lesser levels of estrogen and are more prone to bacterial infections.

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