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House Bolting - What To Consider

July 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 168

House Bolting is good because just about all regions are susceptible to high winds. It's important that the house is designed to withstand a high-wind storm. Knowing if the house is storm ready needs a few basic steps. One of the first things to consider is the place you live. Coastal areas, for instance, will be more vulnerable to powerful winds, like hurricanes. Local building codes for these areas typically require homes to be able to withstand greater wind speeds than inland homes. You may want to check with the local building department to find out about the codes that govern your community. On top of that, to location, local building codes and the age of your home, responding to these five concerns will get you on course in determining if you need to house retrofit.

Have you ever inspected your residence? This may seem like an unusual question, however in order to determine if the residence needs to be retrofitted, you have to look at some of the critical parts of your residence, like the way your roof, walls and foundation are attached, as well as window and garage door protection. These are the solution to protecting your home from wind damaging your roof if not properly secured? You may have seen homes which have lost their roofs from a storm. The reason these roofs were only nailed on the home's walls instead of using metal connectors. Nails can be pulled out, especially during the powerful wind storm. In case you have an attic that you could access, look into the area in which roof framing meets the wall and see if you've got metal connectors attaching the roof on the wall framing. And also looking at the inside of the roof, you'll want to consider the roofing material from the outside of your house. Your roofing material whether it is shingles or tiles, must be appropriately fastened to the roof decking. You need to make sure shingles are nailed with 6 nails if you're in a high wind area, and concrete or clay tiles are fastened with screws or fully set in mortar or adhesive

Roofing materials held in place with "pads" of mortar or a couple of nails are less likely to resist high winds and may become destructive, projectile objects during the storm. Is your windows storm ready? Windows in older homes or in homes outside of seaside areas aren't likely to be wind or impact rated and therefore, is more susceptible to breakage from wind. There are lots of windows currently available that can provide wind protection. First, you need to make sure your windows are rated for the pressure from the wind in the area. There should be a sticker on the window frame having a "DP" (Design Pressure) rating. The greater the DP rating, the more resistant it can be to wind. Then you really wish to ensure your windows are made to resist objects that are picked up by the wind and turn into flying projectiles during a storm.

Options include the usage of impact-resistant windows or hurricane shutters that can be installed when storms are threatening. This applies to any glass in your home; especially sliding glass doors are the garage doors secure? You may also want to consider replacing your garage door using a wind-resistant one. These doors works with high-wind events, keeping the wind out where it belongs being an alternate to a new door, you will find bracing systems available that may retrofit older doors. Is your house properly connected to the foundation?

Wind will find the weak link in the house, which explains why you want to be sure all the key connections in the House Bolting. If you have a crawl space underneath your house or an unfinished basement, you may determine if you need to reinforce your Crawl Space Protection foundation connection. The lower storey of your house must be bolted on the foundation. In older homes, this typically is not the case, so when bad weather comes through your house slide or rotates off the foundation. You'll want to add bolts and connectors if they're missing and also repair any cracks in the foundation.

You might need to find out a little more about about House Bolting. Click sites like and do research before you close an offer. Finding a Crawl Space Protection expert is a wise investment. Check different sites like to study even more.

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