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Choosing Colours for Your Window Blinds

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

Color Schemes

When you first consider buying new window blinds, or if you are buying them for the first time you might not consider color as one the key considerations in your choice. However the color of your window blinds is arguably as important as the color you choose when re-decorating, painting or choosing furniture, and fixtures.

If you understand the basics of color schemes, you'll be able to choose blinds that add to the decoration of your home and complement your individual style and design choices.

To put it in the simplest terms, a color scheme is any combination of colors that look good together. When choosing your window blinds it is important to consider the existing color schemes within your home. Unless of course you are embarking on a re-decorating project which will give you the chance to try something new and explore options.

Neutral Color Blinds

In many cases blinds are chosen as a single color with a plain or minimal pattern. Most window blinds are variations on whites, blacks, grays and neutral cream and beige colors because these are the simplest colors to integrate with existing decor in the home. These neutral colors are in-offensive and blend into the background to provide a relaxing, and expansive look. Visual harmony can be created in your home when you use different shades of the same color across different furnishings and decor.

White, black, and grays can be classified as neutral colors. They are neither warm nor cool and cannot be seen on the color wheel highlighted below. Adding neutral color blinds to a room ensure they do not stand out in the rooms overall design, they subtly add to the chosen color scheme. Neutral colors are chosen often because the work well with most other colors, this is the reason why so many people choose neutral colors for carpets and walls. The main reason for this is that it means there is much less chance of colors conflicting with furnishings and future additions to the room will not look out of place.

With window blinds wooden venetian blinds often match very well with a house or room that contains wooden furniture, aluminum venetian blinds in a sliver color often match the appliances in a kitchen making them a popular choice and roller blinds are often chosen in neutral colors for the reasons described above.

Warm and Cool Colors Blinds

Warm colors include red, yellow, and orange, because they represent the daytime sun that can 'warm' a room. Warm colors work anywhere in your house but particularly well in rooms that are lived in and see activity, for instance living rooms, play rooms and dining rooms. Warm colors give a room a feeling of warmth and coziness.

The cool colors include shades of greens, blues, and purples, cool colors provide a more relaxing and calm effect and are known to create the feeling of open space. They are found suitable for bedrooms.

It is important to note however that suitable colors and styles have to be chosen and suited to the individual. You know what is best for you are your home and must choose your window blinds based on your preferences.

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