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What You Need to Know About Forest School Level 3 Training?

July 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

Forest School Level 3 Training is designed to provide the necessary tools to individuals already working with young people in setting up and running Forest School programmes. Outdoor teachers possessing this certification are skilled and knowledgeable on environmental education, nature awareness, bush-craft, and ancient technologies.


Before enrolling into a Forest School Level 3 programme, you will need to have the necessary qualifications. The minimum requirement is that you should already have a Level 2 certification or above qualifications like teachers, playworkers, youth workers, ecologists, teaching assistant, or rangers with substantial experience working with adults and young people. The minimum age requirement is 21 years. Other requirements are a clean CRB reference and a First Aid certification or equivalent. If you don't have the 16-hour ITC outdoor first aid certificate, you may opt to get an equivalent certification that some forest schools provide for an additional fee.

Training Procedure

The Level 3 Forest School Training is implemented over 9 months and covers 13 credits. 13 credits is equivalent to 130 learning-time hours.

The training procedure for this accreditation is done over 3 different schedules and it is necessary that participants attend all these dates to be considered. You will be informed prior to the training about the location to be used by the school.

Training usually starts on the first Monday of October and ends late April of the following year. At the opening of the program, participants would undergo intensive practical and theoretical learning for five days. Next, extended theory and practical learning is provided in late March of the next year for two days. The training shall then be concluded with a three-day evaluation and additional practical learning classes.

There also is a range of tasks participants need to complete and submit to the training school. To receive the certification, participants must have completely covered six sessions of forest school programs.


Level 3 Accreditation prices vary for every school. It is wise to shop around first to determine the standard price for this program. You also need to know all the costs you would need to incur during the duration of training that's not included in the training fee.

When choosing the right school, it is advisable not just to settle for the training provider offering the lowest price. Some schools price their accreditation a bit higher because of the quality of the trainers that they hire. So instead of just focusing on the price, it is also important to consider the quality of training to be provided.

Cristopher Abanil is a freelance internet marketer working with The Circle of Life Rediscovery. It is a Forest School in Sussex that provides high quality Forest School Training to interested parties.

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