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Whale Watching in South Africa

May 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 108

South Africa is one of the world's favourite destinations for whale watching. Whether in the Cape Peninsula or at places like Mossel Bay, Knysna or Plettenberg Bay, they all offer the most incredible sighting of antics of the playful whales as they come near shore to calve. There are many large enough inlets between rocks allowing the whales time to spend a few days with their calves, before the babies are large enough to venture into the big sea by themselves. It is a spectacular sight to see and one, which onlookers never tire of watching.

From June to about the end of November, the whales make South African waters their domain, before heading back to Antartica, and viewing them is one pastime that many people enjoy, counting the amount of whales they manage to sight, and noting the vicinity where they are frolicking.

Taking whale-watching trips for a day's outing is indeed a memorable occasion. The boats take you near to the whales, but not too close as to disturb them. Seeing them close by, you realise just how huge they are, and, how placid their temperament is.

Boarding the whale watching cruises is done with ease, and even people in wheelchairs are accommodated comfortably. Prices are on the high side, but the spectacle is worth every penny and you are assured of a day's venture that you will never forget.

Plettenberg Bay vies with Hermanus as to which is the whale watching capital, as they are both visited by an extraordinary amount of whales every year. At Plettenberg Bay, the southern right whales are usually there for the whole season. After they leave, the humpback whales arrive with their calves, and remain until about the end of December or even until mid January. There are plane trips you can take, to view the whales and the dolphins from the air. Plettenberg Bay also supports a dolphin and whale watching program, promoting responsible boat-based viewing of these valuable members of marine life.

The town of Hermanus, which is less than one hundred miles from Cape Town, is geared for visitor's whale watching, with many accessible well-positioned vantage points to relax and enjoy their activities. During September, there is the annual whale watching festival when hundreds of visitors descend upon the town to enjoy what is on offer. The Hermanus Whale Crier, besides heralding the start of the festival, is on hand to inform of the latest whale news. There are many parties and sporting events taking place, and music and theatre opportunities for seeing, as well.

Whale watching is certainly a sight that one is honoured to see. These magnificent creatures of the deep know how to conduct themselves when performing for humans and certainly put on quite a show!

To learn more about marine conservation programs and whale watching in South Africa visit

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