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Why Submit Your Best Articles To Essence Articles?

Are you looking for a better way to market your products and services? Would you want to increase your credibility and let the world know all about your brand? If you have an article or a burning desire for a topic you are passionate about, then this is the place for you to submit your best works!

The world is filled with talented people. Often, what they are lacking is not talent but marketing. You just can’t invent a good product and have people beat a path to your doorstep. With competition getting steeper, the importance of marketing cannot be emphasized enough.

This platform will provide you the perfect vehicle you will need to market yourself.

Essence Articles solve the marketing aspect so you can focus on letting your talent flourish.

At Essence Articles, we value your expertise, honor your voice and we take pride in our members. Registering an account with is one quick and simple and by submitting your articles with us, you will experience business growth like never before.

Here are 13 powerful reasons why submitting articles now is highly beneficial for your career:

  1. Attract highly targeted traffic to your website or blog

    It is indisputable that traffic is the ‘life blood’ of any website or blog. People have spent millions buying traffic, getting ranked on the search engines and other forms of costly advertising. By submitting articles directly to a directory like Essence Articles, you will not only get FREE traffic, but also relevant and targeted traffic!

    It is the 21st century. You have every reason to harness the power of technology and leverage on search engines as you build up your traffic base. Articles that are submitted to directories have a higher chance of being picked up by Google, Yahoo! and many more search engines give you the reach you can never imagine compared to marketing the traditional way. 

  2. Expert branding and enhanced credibility

    You have a talent and a special ability – the world just hasn’t known about it yet. In a world where mediocrity and being average is the norm, you will be able to stand out in the crowd by showing people that you have ‘expert branding’ on Essence Articles.

    One of the benefits of submitting your best articles allows you to build your credibility to your prospects. As a matter of fact, not having a website or web address you can refer people to is actually detrimental for your business! What are you going to answer if someone asks, “Is there a website I can refer to?” If you don’t have a website, just submit an article and give them the link – simple and effective!

  3. Access to millions of eyeballs

    The Internet is crawling with millions of visitors looking for information on a daily basis. When people type in keywords or search terms, your article might pop up giving them relevant information and a link to your website if you have one.

    Getting ranked for the right keywords through article submission helps increase the readability of your articles. You will also benefit greatly from the existing visitors that are already members of our article directory.

  4. Rejection Proof Marketing

    One of the drawbacks of human nature is that we are all prone to losing face when marketing in front of another person. If you want to prevent the awkwardness of promoting your stuff face to face, then this is the best option for you to sell without sounding like a sleazy sales person. After all, most people prefer to check websites nowadays so give them what they want and they will come to you instead of you running after them like a rabid bulldog.

    It is time to use article directories to bring the customer to your door step and leverage on ‘pull’ marketing rather than ‘pushing’.

  5. Continuous long term growth

    Articles that are submitted will never be removed from our database. We value and treasure your intellectual property and we will never take it lightly. This gives you not only long termvisibility, but also exponential growth as well. As the company grows, so does the readership of your articles.

    Do you know what this means for you as an author?

    It means that the articles you submit will continuously bring in traffic for the next few years and may even be picked up by huge publishers looking for powerful content. You will never know what opportunities will come knocking on your door just because you posted a good article a few weeks, months or even years ago.

  6. Access the power of viral marketing

    We live in the age where online publishing and social media creates dominance and unparalleled viral traffic. Facebook is filled with people posting inspirational articles, random quotes and even tips on how to improve their lives or solve a problem. Social media has made connectivity better and faster than ever.

    If your article is submitted, some guru or even a celebrity might hook people up to your article through Facebook or Twitter and it will result in a huge spike of traffic. That’s really awesome because you are getting benefits from the hard work of others!

    If that’s not enough, you can also increase your traffic channels through RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication). In layman terms, this means that people who are subscribed to your channels will automatically get notified whenever you post up a new article saving you time and effort. Talk about increased automation.

  7. Justify your bottom line and fund your business

    If you have a hot selling product or a service, you will be greatly pleased when people pay you money when they discover your business. Not only will you be able to garner more profits, it will also enable you to reinvest that money into producing more quality articles and traffic sources. You will be able to effectively market and get leads at 7 to 10 times cheaper than the normal rates.

  8. The cornerstone of originality

    Do you want people to perceive your works to be original or do you want people to think your works are like half cooked copycat plagiarized from other people? Our article directory sniffs out duplicate articles like a hound. That means that people will have even more reason to trust you because you are original and cannot be replaced. And not only that, our terms and conditions protect your works as well.

  9. The ultimate networking hub

    Essence Articles is an essential networking hub for expert authors and talented individuals within the same niche or market. You may discover someone you can do a joint venture with or forge strategic alliances with others in order to leverage on each other’s customer databases.

    If you fear that you are a ‘nobody’ to network with, then this is your chance to be able to connect and reach out. For all you know, the expert author you meet could be your next $10,000 client!

  10. Traffic cross promotion

    Long tail traffic is a powerful source of targeted traffic. This means that if you are in to selling color TVs and you have specific expertise on a certain model, TV enthusiasts will come connected to your specific expertise.

    Better yet, submit articles on all the different long tail markets and dominate the entire niche!

    And here’s another powerful benefit of article submission – you will be listed under ‘relevant articles’. Even people who are not looking for you directly might pop up from another person’s article. So you can even leverage on your competition as well.

  11. Join forces with a trusted authority

    If you have an article in a directory, people will automatically perceive you to be an ‘expert author’. It will come with badges that display your authority. After all, our directory gets only the best people so by aligning you with us, it means that you are playing with the big boys now!

  12. Excellent support team

    Last but not least, you are supported by the best team that will ensure that your articles will never disappear unlike others where you will feel like a drop in an ocean. Our team will ensure that your articles are promptly published and you will get the quickest visibility in the shortest time.

  13. Structuring your bio box in order to get the most benefits

    Your bio box is the ultimate tool that will let the world know who you are and what you stand for. Structuring your links will not only get you traffic from the readers themselves, it also has the benefit of ranking well on the search engines for certain keywords. All you need to do is to is to structure your bio box using the right format and that will ensure that you will not lose traffic from Google and Yahoo!