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Sendong Hits Iligan City - Philippines: Worst Nightmare

January 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 135

Christmas may be the time for rejoicing but this year, it is a different story. I may have faced hard trials in my own journey in life but as I witnessed the tragedy of Sendong (the name given to the latest typhoon that hit Iligan City - Philippines), I am blessed that I have these things of mine right now - a simple house, not so nice dress, friends, and above all, a happy family. I became a volunteer to help the victims of Sendong and be able to talk to some people inside the evacuation area. They have lot of sad stories but when I have an interview with an 18 years old boy, I can't keep my tears from falling.

" It's raining... it's dark.. and it's cold.."

There may be people with volunteers on their chest in front of me offering food but I can't hear their voices. Their voices are overpowered by the deafening screams from children, mother, father, and innocent newborn babies asking for help. It has been four days since I arrived in this place but for me, I am trap with that tragedy four days ago; the tragedy that took everything from me. Our house, our properties, and most of all, my family - they are all gone.

Tell me, how can I talk? If everyone I love is gone! Tell me, how can I smile? If my heart is in pain! And please, tell me, how can I live? If my reasons to breathe are dead! Christmas is coming and we have lot of plans this year. But because of this happening, I can't feel the essence of Christmas anymore.

We are five in the family and they are all nowhere to find. I have two younger brothers in the age of four and the other one is three. How can they survive? They don't even know how to swim. They are too young to die! They have plenty of dreams and a lot of plans in life. James wants to be a doctor someday and Burt wants to be a soldier. I can't even breathe whenever I remember their strong desire to achieve their dreams. Their innocent faces that make me smile before, now, these figures are killing me softly. I can still hear their voices calling the names of my father and mother. Their voices are fading slowly from my ears that time but now they are as clear as this pain in my heart. I really tried to save them, I really do. But fate is so unkind to us; we are all separated from each other by the strong current of the water and by the darkness of the night.

That night was full of surprises. When everybody was sleeping, I heard a gushing sound of water. I rubbed my eyes to awaken myself and think of it as a hallucination of mine. But, I still hear the sound that was why I went downstairs and found out that there was already water in our floor. I abruptly woke my brothers as well as my parents. The electricity worn out and we were all in panic. My father and mother led us to our roof and there I was relief from my fear because we were safe from the devouring water. But, death was really chasing us. There were huge logs that hit our house and torn it into pieces. We were all hugged by our parents to ensure that we will not be separated from them but the current was really strong that we can't even save our very own selves from drowning. That time, I was not thinking on how to survive but on how to save my brothers rather. I was under water and trying to breathe but there were huge logs above which kept me from going above the surface. Just when I thought that I won't be living anymore, I was able to go above the surface of the gushing water. I tried my very best to scream for their names but no one answered. There were screams from other people asking for help but all I can do was to listen to their dying voices. I can't even help myself to save me; to save my love ones.

It is a big miracle that I was able to survive. There were people who managed to find me in the midst of the sea after three hours floating in the water with the help of a branch of a tree. They brought me to this place physically alive, because emotionally I am really broken into pieces. I want to find my family but I don't know what to do! It has been four days and I am very worried about my brother and parents. Are they okay? Are they looking for me? Or even, are they still alive?

Suddenly, someone hugged me... This hug is very familiar. This is the hug whenever I have problems and whenever I am crying - the hug of my beloved mother! At this time, I am totally awake from my worst nightmare!


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Sendong Hits Iligan City


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