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It's Cold Outside: 5 Reasons to Pick Tactical Gear

December 07, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 101

Winter has arrived. Due to the accompanying subzero temperatures, people have to protect themselves from the effects of strong winds, snow and ice. While there are a number of companies that sell winter clothing, their products are sometimes lacking when it comes to functionality. Surprisingly, tactical gear might just be the answer for those who need apparel that performs in even the coldest of temperatures.

1.) Insulated Boots - Frostbite is a very real threat when the mercury dips. For people looking to keep their toes this year, they should consider purchasing a pair of insulated boots. Most of these styles are also waterproof, which offers an extra measure of elemental protection, especially from snow and slush.

2.) Parkas - While it might not sound particularly tactical, the parka happens to the foul weather choice of many law enforcement officers and tactical operators. Additional linings can often be easily incorporated into parkas, making them very versatile. Oftentimes, the hood can be stowed within a special compartment found in the neck area of the coat.

3.) Base Layers - Essentially, base layers are a much more advanced version of the thermal. Usually they are made of knit material that helps reduce muscle fatigue and hot spots (places of excess heat due to friction). They are important because they provide an additional layer of warmth and wick away moisture to keep wearers dry and toasty.

4.) Fleece or Lined Gloves - There are a lot of glove makers out there. Unfortunately, many of them have the same problem... they greatly impair the wearer's fine motor skills. He or she may find it impossible to grip anything smaller than a baseball and will have difficulty performing the smallest task, such as signing his or her name. However, the more tactical styles are designed to be both warm and durable, along with providing an awesome grip. They are often lined with fleece or incorporate fleece to kick up the heat factor.

5.) Neck Gaiters or Balaclavas - Not everyone is scarf compatible, but their faces still need to be protected. As one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the face and neck definitely should be shielded from the frigid temperatures and gusty winds. The neck gaiter is a circle of cloth that can be raised to cover the space between the nose and base of the neck. The balaclava is tactical way to say ski mask. This cloth shields the entirety of the face, leaving only an opening for the eyes and bridge of the noise.

While there are numerous cold weather solutions to be found within the tactical gear market, the listed items cover the basics. When wearing these items, people will maintain the capability to perform nearly any outdoor or extreme weather task while staying warm during the frosty temperatures.

Nora Holloway writes for Tactical Gear News, a resource that focuses on tactical gear for concealed carry enthusiasts, law enforcement officers and other public safety workers.

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