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Is The Sky Falling Or Is This What the Mayans Predicted?

March 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

Asteroid DA 14 is about 144 ft. in diameter and weighs about 120,000 metric tons. While not expected to hit the earth, it will come within 16 to 17,000 miles of the earth's orbit. This will be closer than some satellites circling the earth. Recently, Feb. 16, 2012, Asteroid DA 14 came within 1.5 million miles of the earth's orbit.

Asteroids coming close to earth's orbit are not uncommon. On June 27, 2011 Asteroid 2011 MD came within 7,500 mi. of the earth. The asteroid flew over the Southern Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Antarctica. This asteroid was a small one. The earth's gravitational pull flung it back out to space.

Reporting on Asteroid DA 14 came days before the largest solar flare in five years hit the earth on March 9. Charged particles speed towards the earth at 600 mi. per second. As the most powerful flare, the "X-Class" flare, bombarded our magnetic field for most of the day. It was feared that the bombardment would interfere with power grids, satellite navigation, and air flights. More than the car's GPS system was at stake. Global Positioning Systems responsible for everything from defense systems to precision drilling could have been effected. Luckily, none of these predictions came to pass. However this was a preview. These storms will peak in 2013 - 2014 and could be more disruptive.

Solar storms are natural phenomenon which occur as a result of the natural rise and fall in the sun's magnetic activity. These storms occur over an eleven year cycle. When magnetic energy is released, bursts of charged particles, coronal mass ejections, CME, can be flung earthwards and interfere with our magnetic field. Interference with the magnetic field can disrupt the power grids, cause communications and GPS failures.

Since our infrastructure and security is so dependent on technology, scientists are working to try and better predict these occurrences. By doing so hopefully action plans can be prepared to minimize disruption on earth.

With all these events occurring is the sky falling or is this what the Mayan calendar predicts? This is all great foddor for science buffs, doomsday theorists, and screenwriters. However these events do impact our climate. We may not be able to control meteors or solar flares, but we can prepare for those events with which we are familiar. The US Weather Service provides the information we need for weather related emergencies.

Our weather maybe effected by solar events. We have seen severe weather. Prepare your family for natural and man made emergencies. Be sure to have emergency survival kits, car emergency kits, emergency blackout kits, and office survival kits. Don't forget your pets. They are family members. Have a pet survival kit on hand.

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