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Hurricane Historical Facts

May 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 178

The deadliest storm ever was the 1900 storm that hit Galveston, Texas. The unnamed storm was a category 4 storm that killed over 800 people. Unfortunately there were no safeguards set up like radar so Galveston was hit with the full force of 140 miles per hour sustained winds. Millions of dollars in damage was caused by this storm surge which today would have cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Preventive measures were taken soon after the storm such as a sea wall to protect against storm surge.

The costliest storm ever was hurricane Andrew which hit Homestead and Dade Counties Florida in 1992. Hurricane Andrew carried winds of 156 miles per hour causing over 26.5 billion dollars. Residents again were caught off guard by Andrew's sudden turn south. Preventive measures taken after the storm included storm shutters, and upgrade construction on new homes.

The most intense storm to hit the United States hit the Florida Keys in 1935. The winds reached 200 miles per hour with a barometric pressure of 892 mb. The small island of Islamorada was also caught in the storm's path and suffered ninety deaths.

The busiest hurricane season was in 1995, where 11 hurricanes were recorded. During the 20th century 158 hurricanes hit the United States 64 which were major categories. Florida had the most landfalls located mainly in the northwest and southeast. Texas, Louisiana and North Carolina were the next in hurricane landfalls. September is by far the busiest month of recorded hurricanes with 36. Falling far below is August with 15.

How are storms named is a mystery to the average person. The original process referred to the storms longitude and latitude and allowed easy tracking by meteorologists. Women's names were first used on a rotating basis. Finally in 1979 males names were added to the process. There are several lists used for the Atlantic Ocean which are recycled after use. If for some reason a storm causes horrific damage the name is removed permanently. The Greek alphabet would be used if we ever ran out of hurricane names. The level steps in becoming a hurricane are starting as a tropical depression.

Hurricanes are gauged by wind speeds and put in categories.A category one storm has sustained wind speeds of 74-95 miles per hour. A category 2 storm has sustained winds of 96-110 miles per hour. A category 3 storm has sustained winds of 111-129 miles per hour and causes devastating damage. A category 4 storm has sustained winds of 130-156 miles per hour and causes catastrophic damage. A category 5 storm has sustained winds greater than 157 miles per hour. Catastrophic damage will occur.

Hurricane Season officially starts in June. We have lived in an area which is prone to hurricanes and wanted to share as much as we could in order to help others survive a hurricane threat. I have developed a site about the necessity of having a Disaster Preparedness Plan and hope others will benefit from this site. You can also get more information on Flood Survival here.

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