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Disaster Preparation - 7 Tips to Help You Survive a Worst - Case Scenario

April 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 193

You are aware that there are many dangerous natural phenomenons in the world and you need to be prepared for the worst - case scenarios. Here are the most important tips that might save your life if the worst things happen.

1. Stay Calm

This may be obvious and you already know that it is important to stay calm when the natural disasters happen. Some people act in rush and make big mistakes just because they are in panic. If you are calm and you think in a rational way, you have more chances to survive natural disasters.

2. Find a Shelter

Finding a shelter during a natural disaster is a key element to survival. In case of Tornadoes and other types of strong wind, it is best to find shelter underground. In case of earthquakes, it is best to find open spaces without many buildings. In case of floods and tsunamis, it is best to go to places with higher altitude, such as hills.

3. Think Quickly

Natural disasters happen quickly and you don't have enough time to think. You need to think quickly and make the best decisions. If you are caught in a building during an earthquake, you don't have time to run outside and it is better to find safe places in the building, such as under the table or under the door frame. If there is a danger of flood, you should turn off all the gas and electricity appliances.

4. Stay Together With Other People

You have more chances to survive, if you stay together with other people. They can help you if you are injured and save you if you are trapped. Other people must have some experience with natural disasters and they know what to do.

5. Prepare Your Supplies

It is always good to have enough supplies of food and water in your home. You never know what kinds of disasters may happen in the future. If you have enough supplies, you will be able to survive until the rescue team comes.

6. Study the Risks

Different areas have different risks and you need to know what kinds of natural disasters are specific to a particular areas. Some places have big risks of earthquakes and some other places are constantly tormented by floods or tornadoes. You should do some online study before you go on a trip.

7. Have The Necessary Survival Equipment

It is always to have some survival equipment, such as compass, signaling gun, matches, knives and other things with you. After the disaster, there are still many dangerous things that can happen. You should watch out for some wild animals that appear after the big disasters.

I wish you a lot of luck in the future. You should be careful and you should follow these tips, if you ever experience any kind of natural disaster.

I am currently living in China, improving my language skills. I have an experience in language learning. I have worked in foreign countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Austria and now China. I like foreign cultures, travel, meeting new people. I am also interested in self-improving, environmental protection, technology. Thank you for reading my articles, please contact me for any further improvements and suggestions.

Sasa Sijak

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