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The History and Growth of Volleyball and the Growth of a Youth Base As a Result

December 23, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 119

The history of volleyball dates back to 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts and a man named William G. Morgan, who was a YMCA physical education director. Morgan wanted to create a game that was fun, and was able to be played preferably indoors. Morgan was a big fan of both tennis and handball, and put elements of both of those past times into his new game. Basketball was also becoming wildly popular at the time, but it was not a sport suited for the older members of the YMCA, so Morgan also wanted to create a game that was physically demanding, but with less chances for a player to get injured by contact. He named his new sport Mintonette.

The first rules are not exactly the same as the current rules for volleyball. In Mintonette, the net was supposed to be 6 feet 6 inches high, and any number of players were allowed to participate. The scoring was composed in intervals called innings, with there being nine, like baseball. In each inning, a team would get three services, and there was no limit on the amount of times a team could contact the ball before sending it into the opposing court. Hitting the ball into a net was a point for the other team unless it was the first serve, in which case it was just a fault, like in tennis. The name got its name from an observer named Alfred Halstead, who was at the first exhibition match at the YMCA International Training school. Halstead noticed the way people "volleyed" the ball around, and quickly dubbed it "volleyball." The game quickly spread to other YMCAs across the country, and it was born.

The sport continued to grow, and in 1916 it was even in the Philippines, where the strategy of a set and spike was introduced. In 1919, about sixteen thousand volleyballs were distributed to American servicemen stationed across the world, which also helped to grow the sport internationally. Canada was technically the first other country to adopt volleyball, in 1900. By 1947, an international governing body was created, and the first World Championships were held in 1949 for men and 1952 for women.

Youth volleyball grew as the game grew, with thousands of kids taking up the sport, and now millions. Volleyball is popular in the whole United States, particularly as a youth sport. Many youth players look to differentiate themselves from their competition, and their socks play a large role. Volleyball Socks can be bought at many different stores, but it is sometimes difficult to find unique volleyball socks. Thankfully, retailers have started to offer a variety of volleyball socks for purchase online.

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