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Great SIA Licence Security Training Courses Help You Prepare For a Fun Career

February 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 101

Ask anyone who has a great job, or what you might think is a great job, and they are sure to tell you that whatever their investment in their role is, the personal returns are far more valuable, that's what having a profession or a vocation to be proud of is all about; it's called 'job satisfaction'.

There aren't many professions around that actually give you accreditation for the effort you put in, okay there are doctors, nurses, paramedics and firemen. But think about those exceptional people in detail for a minute, they 're all people we rely on, hopefully not often, but they are the guys who we depend on to make life tick and to make our day-to-day existence safe and secure.

It's extraordinary when you think that there are people around who actually choose to make our lives better and safer, and often without much public acclaim, but that doesn't overwhelm their determination. So, how's your job right now, are you satisfied, are you accomplished?

SIA Training will reward you with exceptional qualifications and put you on track to sharing in the satisfaction that what you do on a day-to-day basis has a, 'knock-on', effect for not just material gain, but also the fulfilment that you've made a difference; and we all want to live in a safe society, don't we? Forget the old cliché that, 'Mr (or Ms, Miss or Mrs) Muscle-Bowtie' at the nightclub door is hell bent on making your night a disaster; they're not, because with the right SIA Training they are there to professionally ensure that you have the best time possible.

What the majority fail to grasp is that a big event venue, like O2 for example, is fraught with security logistics. Think about your wedding or your eighteenth birthday party, and what a nightmare that was to organise then multiply that by as many thousands. Now include ligers, ticket touts and the inevitable chancer that wants' a piece of the action, an international star who needs personal protection, and then get all those thousands of people home safely. Exhausted?

What's interesting about Security Jobs is once you have your SIA Licence you get to participate in some exceptional events and work with all the crack emergency service teams and really feel that your contribution has been worthwhile. Security Jobs aren't dead-end roles, they're vital, and if you enjoy working towards a brilliant team result you're definitely at the top of the career pile.

Take one example. The 2012 Olympics' clock is ticking away and we'd all love to be part of that historic event, but why be a spectator? If you're eighteen or over it's now your chance to have this little intro on your CV; 'I worked on the biggest spectacle the UK ever staged in my lifetime, the 2012 Olympics.' all that stands in your way is your SIA Licence. Yes it takes time; yes it takes commitment, what's standing in your way? Nothing, you can play an integral role in the Olympic event and many more major UK events to come. Who knows, there may be another Royal Wedding soon?

So back to the intro, 'job satisfaction'. Britain Does Have Talent, but you don't have to sing or dance for this audition, visit Get Licensed widen your horizons, take your blinkers off, consider a great future and get your SIA Training, it's all it takes to play a major role and enjoy being a professional. Remember that every tiny part you play is an ingredient to any project's success.

The author has multiple years of experience working and teaching in the Security Industry and regularly writes on

Jay Haan

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