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The Process of Creating a Full Color Vinyl Banner

June 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

All things begin at the creation point and for a full color vinyl banner that means usually an idea of what the person wants for themselves or their business. They talk with a person that tries to understand what they want and to help them make decisions that will be best. It is critical to know the final size and shape of the banner so it can be designed. There are printers that can print up to 8' wide by as long as the roll of banner material is.

It is next passed off to the Graphic Designer. He or she will try to take what the client wants and put it together with what they know to work and look good and most of the time it is the perfect mesh of what they think looks good and what the client wants. They go through changes and revisions until it is at the point that the client is pleased with it. Once approved, they take the digital files from the designer and set them up to be printed. There are special computers with the printer software installed right on it and it will send the files directly to the printer.

The printer is quite amazing as it loads material and sets up the roll to go through the printer and then roll again on the other side. The printer is fast and as it rolls on the other side it has a heater that helps the ink to dry and it has to be watched from time to time to make sure the banner is rolling up correctly and that the printer is printing properly. Once done, the banner needs to dry for an hour or two then the roll is taken off and the vinyl banners are cut out with about an 1" of extra material around the outside.

It is next welded with a welding machine that has a hot iron and roller and you fold the edges of the banner and the iron heats and folds the edges to make it strong and to last in the wind and weather. The final touches are grommets as they are added to corners and along the top and bottom depending on how long the banner is. The banner is then rolled up with the graphics on the outside and put it in a nice plastic bag and then it is complete.

Grizzly Graphics is a full service design and sign shop and we specialize in full color vinyl banners. We would like to help you with your banner needs from 1 to hundreds, just let us know what we can do to help you.

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