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Personalised Arts

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 116

The arts are a great tool to accentuate the look of a home or office and popularly opted for by many people from across the world. A stunning variety exists in the art world and one can choose from diverse forms like traditional, tribal, contemporary, modern and its myriad substyles. While all forms of art are equally beautiful, trends indicate that certain styles dominate in certain times. And in the current era, trends of personalised art rate high.

What is Personalised Art?

This kind of art encompasses work that is done keeping someone specifically in mind. A portrait of your children, a sculpture etched specifically with your facial features or a cartoon that resembles you are all elements of these arts. Collages relevant to you, your wedding, birthday or corporate gathering are also considered in this section. Also, pictures of you with your name or a message/dialogue can also come under this style. Group art of people you know in real life or a company logo artistically developed are all varieties of this style.

Why are these arts popular?

Personalised art is fast gaining in popularity. Not only is it extremely attractive, it is also relevant. So when you put up your picture at home, it makes much more sense than displaying just some random artwork. This form also helps to freeze-frame an important memory on a medium of your choice, be it canvas, poster, wood, slate, cloth or stone. Another reason for its growing popularity, is also its ease of availability. Techniques and technologies have now made it possible to order for art work using online tools from the comfort of your home.

Are they expensive?

Art is a versatile field and a huge market extends between free art (made possible by free sites/etools) and highly expensive art (select artists with global acclaim). Between these two extremes likes an extremely good market striking the right balance between quality and price. So, in a nutshell, this form of art is as expensive as you can afford.

How to buy such art?

If you are out shopping for your own art in this style, then first decide what you want. You can then check out various art providers and select something you like. The best way to shop for provides is going online. However you can also consult local players, artists or studios in your area. Compare the providers on basis of product quality, delivery, charges and print medium.

It's a wonderful creative world out there, made even more special with art. The options are unlimited and you can pick up sketches, pop art Warhol versions, Lichtenstein style comic arts, photo collages or even black and white portraits. You can also try new variations like propaganda art, Obama style art or patch arts. Moreover, you can print these on objects like watches, clocks, mugs, cushions, display puzzles and other home/office décor objects. Three dimensional sculptures or personalised artifacts may also look good. Whatever you pick up, ensure that you have researched well and compared the various providers before taking a final decision.

Ronan Le Breton is a pop art artist and also owner of Personal Art, a pop art gallery based in Bali. The studio provides approximately 21 versions of pop art portraits which can be personalized on to diverse mediums. More information on their styles and placement of orders can be accessed at

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