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10 Elements in Creating a Promotional Web Video

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 112

1. Equipment: You will need a high quality camera. The Kodak Z1 HD and the Flip Video Camcorder are both excellent choices. They are small, can record hours of HD and are affordable only running at about $250. You can plug them in easily and they come with video editing software that will help you get set up.

2. Relax: You will be able to film hours of footage so you will have time to get comfortable and relax in the process. Highlight your key information and refer to it. Also take the time to talk to consumers and potential sales leads about your product. When you are able to do this genuinely, it will help you relax and will you are being recorded.

3. Be Concise: You will need to be brief. In less than five minutes you must be able to present who you are, what you do, and what you are offering them. The most ideal length of time is about a minute and a half and keeps in mind you have about eight to ten seconds to capture their attention.

4. Call to Action: After you get your audience's attention and they watch the video, you must end with a call to action. Your viewer needs to be told what to do to get more information or purchase the product or they simply will not do so.

5. Be Obvious: Place your video in the center of the page in order to get it viewed. A video that is embedded too deep within the page has less chance of getting read.

6. Click to Play or Automatic Play: When you upload your web video to your site, you must choose if you want to have your video start playing when someone reaches your site or whether you want them to choose to view. Find out which one will be more advantageous for your product. If you are offering a "one-off" where someone would only have to click once in order to purchase the product, a video that starts automatically would be beneficial, but if you're wanting your client to return frequently, this could get annoying.

7. Place your URL at the End: Placing your URL at the end is a way to boost your visibility on the web. This is especially true if you uploaded to YouTube. You will need to position this in the middle with large font in order to gain the most effect.

8. Publish to Several Sites Simultaneously: Use a web tool such as Traffic Geyser to upload your video to several sites at once. This will save you time in the end because you won't have to go to every site and upload your video. There are also free tools such as TubeMogul that can help you monitor how many views and feedback on your videos.

9. Have a Proper Title: Generate key words for your video and use them for a title. By doing this, you will increase your chances of showing up when someone puts specific words in a search engine.

10. Film Alternatives: If you are unsure of filming but want to have a video, there is an alternative choice. There is an application that will let you convert PowerPoint into video.

J.T. Moore is the founder and Producer of Killer Productions, established in 2001. Killer Productions is a full-service Internet video production company. We specialize in creating effective web videos and web commercials for any industry, product, or service. In addition, the Killer Productions team are experts in developing and implementing profitable web video marketing strategies and video SEO tactics. It is our goal to bring visibility, thereby increasing Internet sales or leads through the proper use of videos and video SEO marketing strategies. Learn more about us by visiting or follow us on Twitter: @killer_video

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