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Mother Nature Review

February 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 128

Mother Nature just arrived from Big Fish Game's arsenal of strategy games so I thought I would go at it with a review of my own. And if you do not know Mother Nature yet, basically it is just a strategy game featuring a fairy with a green thumb. You plant stuff, you pull out the weeds and if there is garbage, you get to clean it too. In other words, all the excitement you can get from gardening. And in case you did feel true enthusiasm from that last sentence, I suggest you read on with the rest of this review.

You play as Autumn, a fairy with fairy friends that need rescuing. Of course, being the sole fairy spared by the Spirit of Gloom, you are tasked to kill all the plants that the evil spirit has left. Let us call these plants evil weeds from now on. And the way to kill evil weeds is by planting good seeds close to them. The flowers that grow from the planted seeds will eventually kill the evil weeds so that you are free to pull them off the ground. Keep watering your flowers and cleaning garbage and you already have a grip on all of the game's mechanics.

If you read the last paragraph above, you may already have guessed my verdict on Mother Nature. Game play is too repetitive and there is not much challenge on each level even though it is tagged as a "strategy" game. There is very little to no strategy involved at all. This is more of a child's game, but I am afraid even seasoned children players might find this game as too boring to play. Coupled that with the annoying background sound and you are left with a game that you would not enjoy for long.

On a positive note though, Mother Nature do have cute and colorful characters and graphics. Click response is good enough and the mechanics are very easy to follow and guess as you go along the game, mainly due to the failure of a guide they call a tutorial.

In summary, I suggest you skip downloading this game or download only for trial purposes since it is free anyway. There are plenty more strategy games that is worth your time and money since they do have "strategy" involved, because in my honest opinion, this game is not it.

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