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Best Flight Simulation Games For Wannabe Pilots

February 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 143

Many people around the world have dreams of flying and would like to be airplane pilots. For most of them those wishes remain only dreams and fantasies as real flying courses can be very expensive and lot of us don't have enough time, money or other requirements for becoming professional airplane pilots.

Good alternative for many flying fans and enthusiast have been various flight simulation games and software applications. This way they get a chance to experience realistic flying without even leaving their own home. There are many different flight simulator games around. They where developed by different teams and companies so their features and price tags are very much different.

I've tried few different models and currently I'm using Pro Flight Simulator, which has decent features and relatively inexpensive price. What I like the most about it are realistic controls and the possibility to fly anywhere in the world with large number of different airplanes and helicopters. I also like the graphic details and the way this game has progressed and have had many major improvements when compared to similar games from the past decade.

Just imagine being in a cockpit of a Boeing 777 ready for takeoff. Air control gives you the signal to go. You start the engines and can feel all that amazing power. Your speed increases; you are running through the runway and can feel the adrenaline rush inside you. This truly sounds like a dream job to me! But it doesn't have to be a dream any more. Now everyone can experience this and be in the middle of the action with the help of Pro Flight Simulator game.

There are many different features that a good flying simulation software must have. We will look into few most important characteristics, essential for realistic experience and for good playability.

Adjustable surroundings, weather conditions and climate. Changing landscapes and day and night settings.Possibility to program different missions and routes allowing you to patrol in military airplane or go to a helicopter rescue mission for example.Multiplayer options and the ability to play and chat online with your friends and other gamers around the world.The choice of different airplane and helicopter models. Good flight simulation games have a fleet of 100 or more aircraft models to choose from.

Flight simulation games of today have the ability to provide their users with a realistic flying experience much better than ever before. I would advise you to do some research before you decide which one to buy. They are all very much different and are made for different purpose and for different profile of people. It all depends on what your motives and real intensions are. The game, which might be perfect for a casual player, won't meet the standards and expectations for a trainee pilot who needs professional software of much better quality.

I'm a big fan of flying and love this type of games a lot. You can experience the real thing for the fraction of a price. I'm playing Proflightsimulator at the moment. It has nice features and it gives me a great and realistic flying experience.

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