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Much More Expansion and Marketing Brilliance From Turkish Airlines

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 139

In October 2010, Turkish Airlines told the world that it would continue its plants to expand during 2011. Obviously, for an airline that is experiencing continue success so quickly, this is excellent news. The Turkish Ministry of Transport says that 11 new destinations would originate as of this year. Starting in March, Turkish Airlines will fly to Shiraz, Iran four times a week. Starting in the middle of March, Turkish Airlines will fly to Los Angeles, CA four times a week. This is wonderful news for the west coast of the United States. Added countries consist of China, Greece, Spain, France and 3 locations in Italy.

In late 2010, Turkish Airlines inked a most interesting marketing deal with the world's number one ranked women's tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki.

This indicated a strong international branding effort by the airline's marketing team. Specifically, Miss Wozniacki will represent the Business Class Service of Turkish Airlines. The women's number one ranked player will reach out to mainly European tennis lovers as the spokesperson for airlines. The airline has signed her for a three year contract that includes appearances in public relations events and commercials.

Members with either Miles & This means that members will now see all air miles earned accumulating into the same account.

The family members of any individual account holders also benefit by having any generated miles applied to them too. 038; Smiles credit card to pay for purchases, or booking flights from airlines within the Star Alliance partnership.

Since the Turkish Airlines has experienced years of solid steady profits, they are in a great position to handle this they way most businesses would. The airlines have been displaying their marketing smarts because they are very wisely branding their business in a highly international way. We have the opinion that this company moves fast and is ready to take over the very competitive market of aviation and flight travel globally. Not only has the company entered into plenty of sports celebrity contracts that will span over many years, but they have also been getting more planes and making more improvements.

The last few years of economic difficulties has proved to be a very challenging business environment for many companies globally. It's a known fact that the airline industry generally follows the movements of the globally economy. And yes Turkish Airlines consistently showed profitable operating balances throughout difficult years, which could be seen as a testimony to their powerful marketing and innovative management.

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