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Top Tips For Preparing For An Ironman Triathlon

March 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

An IronMan triathlon is one of the toughest races that a triathlete can enter. Most people train for years before they develop the conditioning that is needed in order to even think about entering such a race, but physical preparation is only half the battle!

Follow these top tips to ensure that you stick on the right path to IronMan glory. The following tips helped me finish my first IronMan triathlon back in 2011, and I loved the day so much that I am entering another race again this year.

Top Tip 1 - Conditioning

Chances are that you have trained hard and long enough to know what your weakness is when it comes to triathlon. Everyone has their own weak spot and you should focus on this so that come race day you don't have a single chink in your armour. Having said that if there is one area of the IronMan that deserves due attention is the cycle. The cycle section of the race is over 60% of the total time it takes to finish and therefore you need to spend at least 60% of your training time in your saddle.

Top Tip 2 - Swimming

It is vital that you make sure that you are a competent swimmer before race day. And by competent swimmer I mean that you need to swim the full 3.8km in open water at least three times. Pool swimming is no substitute for the battering that you are going to get during the start of your swim and you really need to practice everything from breathing on one side to prevent the wind from choking you with spray, to being able to swim with no arms (for when you are trying to get round that first congested buoy).

Top Tip 3 - Join a Triathlon Community or Club

Training can be really, really boring. Some people enjoy the hours spent riding along but most people enjoy the support and sense of community that a club brings to their training. If you are unable to join a local club then you can always seek out a triathlon forum on the internet or join one of the many Google groups that have many hundreds of followers.

Top Tip 4 - Practice Transitions

This is probably the most important thing that you can do when it comes to IronMan races. Make sure that you have done at least a few triathlons before with the same kit that you are going to race your IronMan in, and ideally you should have raced a Half IronMan prior to your big IronMan race.

Thank you for reading this article on Top Tips for your first ironman. If you would like to find out more about triathlon or join one of the fastest growing triathlon communities then see the RankMyTri triathlon forum Otherwise, good luck with your triathlon training and your IronMan race!

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