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Easy Go Travel - Tips to Packing and Make Traveling As Easy As Up, Up, and Away!

July 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 102

Traveling is such a thrill and an opportunity to enjoy life from a new perspective! Even traveling for business is an opportunity to enjoy getting a new view of life. It's exhilarating to get away and there are lots of ways to make your travels efficient and pleasurable.

The planning is something you can do on your own, via internet. Usually the lowest airfares and hotel reservations are available only online. It's easy to compare prices, as well. Usually the weekend airfares tend to be a little higher in price so traveling Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday will give you the cheapest rates. Sign up to get alerts from different airlines regarding specials they are having. It can help cut costs considerably.

Prepare way in advance if you are leaving the country. Make sure your passport is current. Call your credit card companies and ask if their card can be used at your vacation destination. Alert them of the dates so they will not think your card has been stolen. It is always best to take 2 cards from 2 different companies (example: Mastercard and a Visa). That way you'll feel more confident if anything happens.

Check your driver's license to make sure it will not expire while you are gone. If so, renew it now.

Here's the info on making airports user friendly:

Dress for the airport! An airplane is a fantastic place to meet people. You could sit next to your future boss, or boyfriend, or your favorite rock star. It's a good idea to dress for the unexpected! Look good! Wear something that makes you feel and look fabulous, but comfortable. You'll have to remove shoes, jackets, belts with metal, and possibly heavy jewelry. Wear shoes you can slip off quickly. Avoid a belt, if you can.

You never know who you will meet at the airport or sit next to on the airplane. Lots of incredible women have met their future husbands or bosses while traveling. Dress with dignity and comfort.

Print your boarding pass at home 24 hours before you go. This prevents you from having to stop at the ticket counter (unless you are checking baggage). (By the way, most hotels offer a place you can print a boarding pass for your flight home). Have your boarding pass and your picture identification (driver's license is best) in the same pocket or section of your purse.

You'll need the boarding pass in your hand along with your picture ID when you go through security. After you've gone through security, you can usually put your ID away, but hang on to the boarding pass.

At security, you'll need to take off your shoes and coat and put it in a tray. Put your purse in another tray. If you are carrying a laptop computer with you, it needs to come out of your bag and put in a tray by itself. Then, lift your carry-on luggage onto the conveyor belt.

Try to pack for a carry on piece of luggage and you can avoid baggage claim departments. You must put all of your liquids in one (and only one) clear plastic quart size zip lock bag on the top of all your clothes. All the liquids must be 3 oz or less and all must fit in that bag! I always plan on picking up toothpaste, face cleanser, etc. at drug store in my vacation destination. I buy the travel size quantities, and then don't worry about bringing them home. Most hotels offer shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. Remember, you can always buy this stuff, so don't panic if you think you've forgotten your toothbrush!

Forget packing hairspray, they'll make you remove it if they find it. Any medications should be left in their prescription bottles so there is no question that you are not a drug dealer! Leave pointed nail files and pocket knives at home. Anything that could be considered a weapon or dangerous in any way, needs to be left at home.

Okay... so if you're going on a long trip, and you can't fit everything in your carry-on, then you'll need a larger suitcase.

Baggage claim departments give me anxiety. I panic that someone will take my luggage, and I'll be on vacation with nothing. The problem with baggage claim is that travelers usually buy black luggage. Me included. I regret it now. Next piece of luggage is going to be bright red! Go for something bold! You'll spot it three turnstiles away! At the very least, tie a big, bright, piece of pink fabric or scarf on the handle. No man will dare pick up your luggage by mistake!

Every piece of luggage, whether it is carry-on or checked baggage should have a name-tag. There should also be a card inside the suitcase with your name and contact phone number if the tag gets pulled off in transit.

Buy bold and unusual luggage so it can be spotted easily in baggage claim (the more feminine, the better). No man would dare pick up a bright pink suitcase! It is also more easily described to airport personnel if it should get lost. If all you've got is black luggage, then use a bright pink scarf or fabric tied around the handle.

The good thing about checking luggage is you have a little more leeway with liquids and items such as nail files. Always pack lightly so your luggage is easily lifted and there is room to bring home a purchase! You might just find the perfect bathing suit while on vacation! Don't bother locking the suitcase or putting a padlock on it. Security will cut it off. Since valuables are at risk, I always put my camera, jewelry, rings, and anything of value in my purse so I always know where they are.

Following is a great "go-to" list that may help you with packing for your next trip Photo copy it and hang it inside your closet for quick and easy packing. Add your own "must haves" to the list.

Your Travel List


  • Tickets
  • Itinerary
  • Driver's license or Picture ID
  • Passport (if leaving the country)
  • Credit Cards, preferably 2 different cards

Personal Products and Add Your Own

  • Skin Care Products
  • Makeup, brushes, applicators, tweezers
  • Small make-up mirror
  • Hair brushes, head band, clips, bobby pins, velcro rollers
  • Small Hair dryer (optional, hotels usually provide)
  • Hair products
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss (retainers)
  • Shampoo and Body lotions (optional, hotels usually provide)
  • Vitamins, medications, antacid

Clothing and Add Your Own

  • Underwear
  • Black bra, nude bra
  • Socks, tights
  • Pajamas, slippers (you can use your work out clothes and save the space!)
  • Tank tops
  • Work out pants
  • Pants (black goes with everything), jeans
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Blouses, tops
  • Warm jacket (if needed)
  • Light jacket
  • Shoes (tennis shoes, good pair of shoes, boots)
  • Jewelry (minimal and not expensive!)
  • Accessories, Scarf, belts


  • Cell phone and chargers
  • I Pod, earphones, and charger
  • Camera and charger

Fun Extras and Add Your Own

  • Favorite tea bags
  • Snack mix, such as trail mix or protein bars (in case you are famished)
  • Book, magazine, writing tablet, journal, pens

Things to do before leaving

  • Check Bank Account, get enough cash for incidentals
  • Pay bills before leaving
  • Call Credit Card company to let them know if you are traveling abroad. Often they will think fraud is taking place and cancel use of your card if you suddenly start charging in Rome, Italy.
  • Arrange for mail (and newspapers) to be picked up
  • Arrange for pets (if you have them) to be taken care of
  • Check on roaming charges with your cell phone company

Have a safe flight and enjoy the next adventure of your life!

Sandy Peckinpah is a writer, a realtor, and frequent traveler for her work and pleasure. She writes and speaks on resilience, real estate, and motivation. She's a staff writer for a magazine and also a guest columnist for a newspaper in Southern California. Visit her website at

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