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10 Different Cuba Vacations Anyone Can Enjoy

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 107

As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba is more than a destination for lazing away on the perfect beaches. Such a land mass boasts terrain, wildlife, culture and an ecosystem that is unmatched by any other Caribbean destination. While the majority of visits to Cuba involve long endless days on miles of white sandy beaches, there is opportunity to get more out of Cuba Vacations. Regardless of your interests or level of adventure, Cuba really has something for everyone.

  1. Diving and Snorkeling in Cuba is extremely underrated. The plentiful marine wildlife and coral reefs are set in some of the best diving conditions to be found anywhere. Perfect water temperature and conditions combined with amazing caves, walls and wrecks even had the late and great Jacques Cousteau calling Cuba one of the best dive locations in the world.
  2. Hiking in Cuba through untouched rainforests, jungle regions and the largest wetland in the Caribbean along one of 100 nature trails not only provides fantastic scenery but also a chance to discover hidden waterfalls, hot springs and a part of the natural beauty of Cuba that can only be reached by foot. Hiking through the Sierra Maestra Mountains near Santiago de Cuba you can come across the hideout of Fidel, Che and the rebels during the revolution.
  3. Birding and Wildlife watching in Cuba is a hit amongst nature lovers. 6 UNESCO biospheres covering 22% of the island are a sanctuary to some of the most exotic and endangered species of birds and reptiles. Numerous tours are available throughout the island as preservation is taken seriously in Cuba and the Natural Parks are a source of national pride.
  4. Architecture throughout the island is varied yet places such as Trinidad, Havana and Camaguey have some of the best examples of Spanish Colonial architecture that serve up a glance into not only Cuba's history but a looks at how things were back in the days of pirates and Spanish rule within the Caribbean.
  5. Adventure and adrenaline junkies can spend days away from the resorts by taking in zip-lining over jungle canopy, mountain and rock climbing, caving through extensive mazes of stalactites or taking a jeep safari through the rainforests. Excursions by horseback up the Sierra Maestra mountains is perfect for the laid back adventurer while paragliding off the summit will provide the rush for a more extreme traveler.
  6. Road Tripping across the countryside is an excellent way to see the land and meet the locals. Cubans often hitch rides as way of public transport and will quickly become a guide eager to show off their country. While not for everyone, this is an excellent way to get insight into the Cuban culture and hang out with a new friend all for the price of a ride to the next town.
  7. Golfing in Cuba is the latest venture in ways of attracting yet another clientele to the country. While still in its infancy, Varadero has the perfect location and scenery for the 18 hole course that impresses even the more advanced golfer. With more courses slated to open in the next few years, Cuba could easily match places such as the Dominican Republic for the beauty and challenge of hitting the links in the Caribbean.
  8. Deep Sea Fishing around the island is also underrated as the abundance of fish can all but guarantee a productive day on the water. Tuna, Swordfish, Sailfish, Barracuda and Grouper are just some of the most popular fighters you'll land alone the North West Coast in the areas of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo.
  9. Carnivals and Festivals in Cuba are more than just a street festival; they are an all out party of music, dancing, food and drink. From Jazz festivals in Havana to Moncada celebrations in Santiago de Cuba, booking your Cuba Vacations during these festivals will get you off the beach and into the streets for an all out party you won't soon forget.
  10. Historical Tours are one of the most popular types of excursions in Cuba mainly due to the nation's incredible history from Spanish rule, to pirates and invaders, to the revolution. Che Guevara's iconic image is everywhere in Cuba and you are hard pressed to stop in any city without finding a museum or landmark dedicated to the revolution. Castles and Forts along the coast and in cities such as Havana and Camaguey remind of the days when pirates continually tried to plunder the riches from what was one of the richest nations in the Americas.

The natural surroundings and beauty of Cuba makes this Island not just a beach destination but a country that provides a different type of adventure every day with an assortment of Cuba Vacations anyone can enjoy.

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