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Adventures in Europe: Train Holidays

April 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 81

For people who hate the rush and chaos of long-distance travel, especially through Europe, train holidays offer a restful and glamorous means of seeing the European countryside. When travelling in Europe, train holidays offer an experience that simply cannot be matched by any other form of travel.

Modern railways offer all the excitement and adventure along with all the comforts of home as you travel through Europe. Train holidays allow you to catch up on your reading or letter writing on soft comfortable armchairs, or watch the passing scenery through large picture windows. Slumber peacefully during the night and take refreshing naps during the day in deluxe sleeping cars with convertible beds and equipped with a wardrobe, air-conditioning, and en suite toilet/shower. Enjoy delicious regional cuisine in the dining car, or make new friends as you relax and have a drink in the lounge car. Some railways even offer live entertainment in the form of a piano bar! Best of all, you will get to see a plethora of the attractions of Europe. Train holidays are truly the best way to see the countryside. Listed below are some of the cities and towns that you can explore at leisure when you travel by rail.


Kecskemet, which lies approximately 50 miles south of Budapest, is known as the centre of the Great Hungarian Plain. The name of the city stems from the Hungarian word kecske, meaning 'goat', likely because it was first settled by goat herders over a millennium ago. Kecskemet is known for its fruit products, including its famous barackpalinka, or apricot brandy. The city is home to many art nouveau buildings, churches and historical monuments, including the magnificent City Hall, which is considered to have launched the country's National Romanticism Movement.

Sighiayoara and Braeov

Sighiayoara and Braeov will be particularly interesting to horror fans, as Sighiayoara is whispered to be the birthplace of Vlad Tepes [aka Dracula], while Bran Castle, near Braeov, is known as Dracula's Castle. Sighiayoara is considered the most beautiful and well-preserved inhabited citadel in Eastern Europe, featuring authentic medieval architecture in the form of burgher houses and magnificent churches. Sighiayoara holds a medieval festival in the citadel every July, and the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Meanwhile, travelling to Braeov provides a great view of the Carpathian Mountains. Aside from being an authentic medieval town, Braeov is also a famous resort town and has been named as the host of the 2015 Winter Youth Olympics.


The Thracian Tomb of Kazanlak is probably its most famous attraction. Discovered in 1944, this mausoleum of a Thracian family dates from the Hellenistic period and is said to be the masterpiece of a single artist-architect. According to UNESCO, who declared it a World Heritage Site, it is 'a masterpiece of the Thracian creative spirit'. This monument is the only one of its kind anywhere in the world, so an exact replica was built to preserve the glorious frescos and the original condition of the structure. Kazanlak is also the part of Bulgaria's Valley of Roses. Rose oil is one of its major products, and its rose gardens are said to be the largest in the world. The Rose Festival, held every June to coincide with the season when the Kazanlak Rose is in bloom, is an international event attended by thousands of tourists.

Anna Copeland is the Marketing Manager for The Danube Express, which specialises in Europe train holidays. The Danube Express has a range of exclusive train holidays to Europe, travelling across countries like Poland, Hungary and Turkey.

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