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UK Speeding Fine

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 106

UK speeding fines - not so ok for one angry motorist & ex-army intelligence officer who hits out with new book, following an alleged speeding offence, claims to help motorist combat unfair speeding fines & parking tickets.

UK speeding fines & parking ticket are one of many distressed messages commonly typed into Google by motorists seeking advice after being landed with a speeding fine or parking ticket. There's help on the horizon for motorists who feel they have been treated unfairly, as Nick Williams, ex-army intelligence officer decides to break ranks with new book Stand & Deliver could well be just the ticket.

It comes at a time when justice secretary Kenneth Clarke plans to raise an extra £50million a year from speeding fines to help "victims of crime". A move that will see more fingers reaching for those keyboards if Clarke gets his way and raises speeding fines by a whopping 60%, topping the ton mark as the cash cow motorist is targeted yet again.

However there has been a certain relaxation of speed camera's operating on some of our roads in Britain. In a measure to save costs, Swindon town in 2009 became the first local authority in the UK to pull the plug on their cameras, turning to other traffic calming measures but keeping mobile cameras. As a result, Swindon has seen a dramatic decrease in road accidents, with just two incidences reported per every 1000 vehicles registered - the lowest rate in the UK.

This is in stark contrast to the number of speeding fines issued in Wokingham the following year. Under the freedom of information act, Thames Valley Police revealed that speed cameras raked in more than £175,000, doubling the number of UK speeding fines issued from 1,546 to 2,921.

Angered Williams says this supports his "greedy government" argument who himself says was a victim of "highway robbery" tactics. An incident which sparked him to write his book aptly titled "Stand & deliver" promises to address the balance between this "greedy tax obsessed government" and the already hard pressed working class by claiming to reveal legal loop holes & advice on what to do when a speeding fine lands at your door.

The book now the centre of controversy amid concerns damning information may reveal too much to the motoring public. Williams asked why he wrote the book says: "I've spent much of my life serving Queen & country. I didn't appreciate being targeted so-to-speak by the same 'system' I've dedicated and risked my life to protect. Perhaps I still see myself as a bit of a martyr - someone who still can't resist the opportunity to set the world to rights as I see it. The book has certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons I hear."

You can download a free copy of Stand & Deliver by clicking here

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