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How to Boost Website Traffic Using Your Facebook Fan Page The RIGHT Way

June 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 64

There are now over 750 million users on Facebook. And most of those users spend a significant amount of time there. In this article I'd like to show you how to boost website traffic by showing you how to create a page on Facebook.

I'm amazed really, when I browse around at the many business fanpages I find on the Social Media giant. I'm not amazed at the number of pages or their quality; I'm amazed at how UNUTILIZED most Facebook fanpages are by their administrators. People just aren't using their fanpages properly, and those same people no doubt frequently wonder how to boost website traffic.

How to Create a Page on Facebook - The RIGHT Way

I just want to touch on a couple of the most important things that people are missing when they are using Facebook for marketing purposes.

  1. Stop Using Your Timeline to Promote, Promote, Promote. People want good content. They love pictures, videos, games, contests, trivia, useful information, etc. What they don't want is a bunch of links to this website, or links to that event. Most people will never click on your links and this kind of promotional junk is a great way to ensure people never visit your page again. The key is to post stuff that will engage your audience, encourage them to share, comment and like. Facebook uses something called "Edgerank" to determine what posts go into what fan's newsfeeds. The more participation you get on your page, the more of your posts will go into your fan's newsfeed. It is a fact that only about 4% of your fans will ever visit your site again after initially "Liking" it. That's why it is so important to get into as many newsfeeds as you can. Your promo junk won't make it.Of course your page will contain articles and posts and links going back to your website/blog, because that's the end-goal, to boost website traffic. It will be there and very accessible, just not the only or main thing being promoted.
  2. Customize your tabs and use a variety of engaging apps. Your tabs (also called apps because that's what they really are) are those little square buttons below and to the right of your cover photo. Did you know you can basically build a little mini-website right inside your Facebook page? You can customize these tabs to look really nice and to have contact forms, opt-in lists, contest and giveaway sweepstakes, and much more. And it's free! If you're not using these tabs, you're missing out on some very prime marketing real estate! This is one great place to promote your website/blog.
  3. Use Facebook AS YOUR PAGE and then like and participate in several pages within your niche. Your page name will be visible as the one who posted and it links right back to your page. It's like leaving your stamp all over the place. But be careful what you're posting. Don't be spammy. Don't even offer anything remotely promotional. People won't read it and you're wasting your time. Post quality content such as videos, tips, funny pictures, great articles, ask engaging questions, etc. The better the content, the more likely someone will click your name to find out who this is posting such great stuff.

And that's how to boost website traffic by using Facebook.

And that's how to create a page on Facebook, the RIGHT way!

Karri Hull is a Work at Home Mom who is passionate about helping other moms learn how to work from home.

Get the FREE, 10-Video course "Newbie's University" when you visit her website. There you'll find tons of information and resources to help you learn how to earn money online.

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How To Create A Page On Facebook

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