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5 Ways To Promote Your Website

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 80

The days of "if you build it, they will come" are well and truly over on the web. You need to promote your website to help people to find it. Here are some ways you can do that:

1. Put a video on YouTube

After Google itself, YouTube is one of the most used sites on the internet. You need to have a video on there!

This doesn't have to be a full-blown Hollywood budget video. You can film yourself using your mobile phone - the quality is plenty good enough - or you can do a simple screen capture and voiceover video using a program like Jing or Cam Studio. These work fine and you can embed the video on other web pages if you want to give it extra exposure.

2. Tweet about your site

Like it or loathe it, Twitter can be a good way to promote your website. Keeping your Tweets within the 140 character limit is good practice if you're used to waffling on forever. You can get a surprising amount of detail in a Tweet and it can draw attention to you. It's generally better if you don't use Twitter solely for self promotion. Use the medium to build up a loyal base of followers who actually read your Tweets and you'll find that the medium begins to work for you.

3. Create a Facebook page

If you're in an industry that deals with consumers (B2C in business speak) then Facebook is another great way to promote your website.

They keep changing the design and what you can do with your pages but the massive base of people using the site makes it worthwhile to do this. Facebook works especially well for repeat business. You can offer coupons to your fans, promote one off events and much more. They can interact with you which gives you the chance to be more personal than you'd previously have been.

4. Update your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is mainly a business-to-business site. Your circle of contacts (connections in LinkedIn speak) gradually builds up and you can use the site to keep in touch with them via various groups. It's also quite usual for your LinkedIn profile to come up high in the search results when people search for your name.

You can include links to your company website as well as other details about yourself.

5. Article marketing

Old fashioned, boring, all sorts of other accusations. But article marketing still works to promote your website.

Aim for a good quality article that satisfies the "hook" in the headline but leaves your reader thirsty for more information. Then provide that information in your own website - you can link to this from the resource box at the end of the article and include a call to action to encourage your readers to click through to your website. The search engines will also notice that link and, over time, will take account of it when they decide where to place your site in the search results.

Check out Website Action Plan for lots of ways to promote your website.

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Ways To Promote Your Website


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