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Your Brand Deserves a Positive Trademark

December 07, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 141

Just as you may have concluded from a recent Dilbert cartoon, your future employer may search the internet to discover your true reputation and your general attitude via the World Wide Web. Be careful where you spend your time and energy online. Someone important may be checking or watching your activities. What's the world coming to, you might ask. I call it a new world disorder.

Because your profile may be more on display than you originally thought, you better make your trail look good at places like LinkedIn and Branch out. Even Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and a huge number of other sites will still be broadcasting your brand and personality when you may be sitting in senior housing.

Make your profile look like a true reflection of you and shown completely positive. Any negatives can do damage to that trademark just the same way it would if you put it on a resume. Yes, even that resume goes around the world and a copy will still exist somewhere even after we all hang up our walking shoes. That new world disorder may kick us until eternity. Make that historical document something that shows you in a positive light because it will be an eternal flame for all to see.

Now, my view is not just far fetched, it is a unique possibility and you ought to be careful with that delicate trademark that tells the world who you are and how you act. Google yourself sometime and see what you find. What if a brothel in Amsterdam or a casino in Nevada has back linked your blog that you didn't have any idea about? Your photos online might even end up on a prison wall somewhere. If you haven't copyrighted everything you ever placed online, it can end up who knows where. Getting paranoid yet?

The World Wide Web can also promote your brand the way you want it to. This is a wonderful tool that can help you so take good care of your greatest asset, the reflection of you. Set high standards and protect your reputation. Show yourself as being unique and interesting and an expert in your chosen field.

So you see, your trademark is what the reader and casual observer see and the opinion derived from this that produces the brand that you have created by your aimless or planned actions as you go merrily along.

John Sprague is an American currently working in the Mideast. He enjoys writing and working on his websites in his free time. He has a new site at His website has photos of the Mideast and marketing articles that you may be interested in viewing. There are also website analysis tools and articles on genealogy and DNA.

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