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Safeguard Your Business With the Help of a Trademark Attorney

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 115

Trademarks are a very important aspect for any successful business, and there is much legality attached to getting one. Businessmen consider it necessary to hire a trademark attorney of good repute, to help them to complete the entire process of getting trademark. Trademark is required for assisting the business in preserving its good reputation, and for having an image in the industry. It is necessary for you to understand the procedure of getting one so that you hire the best trademark attorney for the same. You should select a trademark attorney from state you are residing in, as all states have slightly different rules and regulations that govern the process of getting a trademark.

It is very essential that you select the right trademark attorney, as any shortcomings could affect your business. You should shortlist some names of trademark attorneys by having a word with your friends and colleagues. Another way of getting these names is through referrals from businessmen, accountants or bankers or you could have a look at professional social networks. Finding someone who is a mutual acquaintance will be of a lot of help to you, as he would be able to provide you detailed and vital information about trademark attorney. You can also see the websites of the state bar in your area. Such websites normally list good ranking trademark attorneys.

Select a handful of good trademark attorney's names, who you feel are competent. You should first carry out the background check for each of them. Enter the name of the shortlisted attorney in the website of US Trademark Office, and you will find the list of all cases along with the trademarks, that were allotted to the clients with the help of this particular trademark attorney. You can also verify his involvement with TTAB work. With the help of all this information, you would be able to assess his success rate in getting trademarks to his clients. The best trademark attorney is the one, who fully understands trademark matters which are applicable in your case and also provides you personalized and individual service. If he meets all these requirements, he would certainly be in a position to fight your case in the court well.

At the time of selecting trademark attorney, you may also check the school or university he had graduated from, and the experience in practicing trademark law. You should have the knowledge of the reputed universities in the field of copyright, trademark and patent, and look for professionals graduated from these well-known universities. Also find out the law firms that the attorney is practicing in. There are some law firms with an excellent repute in trademark laws, and if you can find an attorney who has practiced with them, it would certainly be of great help to you.

Another thing you should ensure is that the selected attorney has been practicing in the same state for many years in particular, instead of some other state and has adequate experience in this field. If he has moved from some other state, he would take time to get accustomed to working system and different rules and regulations being followed in the current state. It would be appropriate to find an attorney, who is practicing for your specific industry and has also been practicing in the same state for many years. You should also check the quality of service that he had been providing to his earlier clients. Your trademark attorney should always keep you informed and updated about the developments throughout. He should respond quickly in matters concerning you on phone calls as well as emails, to keep you reassured about the progress in your case.

About the Author: The Trademark Attorney has an in-depth involvement with many inventors who deal with technical development of products so that they can gain an understanding of what needs to be protected through patents. Click here for Trademark Lawyer

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