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Got Lego Party Supplies?

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 219

The trick to any perfectly exciting kid's birthday party is event is as simple as finding a theme. With character themes, it can be difficult to get all the kids excited over the party idea, especially if you have children of different ages and genders. One idea that is sure to be a big hit, no matter whom the party is for - is a Lego themed birthday party. And you might be surprised how a few Lego Party Supplies can make it easy and affordable to plan and carry out.

Tips for Creating a Lego Party with Lego Party Supplies

You can find Lego party supplies at most party retailers. But if you don't want to spend the money to get the brand named products - you can recreate many of your own decorations using simple items. This is especially true for decorating. Instead of buying Lego banners, you could simply decorate the event with primary colored streamers. Use a black sharpie marker (and some good handwriting) to create pizzazz. Just make sure that the décor is bright and fun, and it will be a hit with the kids. Don't forget to get some of the party packs that will enable the kids at the party to build and create with Legos. You can find them in the Lego party supplies aisle, or you could simply purchase a bunch of Legos. Also, don't be afraid to ask friends and neighbors for extra Legos. Create a building race or contest. Give each child a brown paper sack filled with the same amount of Legos and create cards ahead of time that have different items they could create with Legos. Set a timer, pull a card, and then shout, "Build." The kid who builds it first - or who has the most interesting design wins. The possibilities are endless for creating fun Lego themed activities. Build the highest tower. Make a game of trying to get all the kids to build the highest tower possible with the Legos. Let each child take a turn adding a piece to the tower and see how high they can get it to stand before it falls down. Get a jar and fill it with Legos and have each child take a guess of how many Legos are in the jar. The kid who comes the closest wins, and gets to take home a Lego prize. Play pin the Lego on the "blank." Create a Lego masterpiece either with real Legos or out of construction paper cut-outs. Remove one missing essential item and then allow the kids to take turns being blindfolded to see who can get the missing piece in the correct spot. Of course, you also cannot forget the cake. Lego cakes are easy to make yourself, and are even easier to decorate. One easy way to create a huge Lego cake is to bake a sheet cake and 6 cupcakes. Place the circular cupcakes on top of the sheet cake and ice it in one of the traditional Lego colors. The cake will look like one giant Lego.

Really, just like with Legos, the sky is the limit when it comes to a Lego themed party. If you get some Lego party supplies and use innovative ideas like the ones mentioned above, you will create a fantastic party that will live long in the memories of the children in attendance.

Ashlee G.Cheek is a Lego expert and model enthusiast that specializes in the best Lego models and accessories that money can buy. His articles are designed to offer you expert information and tips on Lego Party Supplies and Lego Tower Bridge so you can make informed buying decisions.

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