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Buying The Best Wooden Building Blocks For The 6-8 Year Old Child

May 30, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 424

Boys and girls, from 6-8 years old, love construction toys of any kind. Wooden blocks are typically in their classroom environment and are a great toy for them to have at home too. For the 6-8 year old child, purchase a block set that fits the type of block play that is common for this age group. If you get a set that is too small, or doesn't have the variety of shapes they enjoy, they may not get the benefits that you would hope from a set of wooden blocks.

How will the 6-8 year old child play with a set of wooden blocks?

At this age their fine-motor skills, and hand-eye coordination are improving so they build more elaborate, detailed structures from their building blocks. They are also learning to plan ahead and visualize how to build their ideas in a series of steps. They enjoy blocks in a variety of sizes, lengths, and varied shapes to be able to build to the level they are able to imagine. They enjoy cooperative play in groups and so need a good amount of wooden building blocks to be able to share. They cooperate as a group to come up with an idea, and build the separate parts of that structure together. They utilize other toys in their block play creating elaborate towns, forts, castles etc. They will build up a super structure and knock it down with a Nerf gun or a ball. They are mastering the ability to make a stable tower or structure, and now work on problem solving skills-how to make a better structure, a more elaborate structure, a bigger, better, "cooler" structure than they have previously built. They are also beginning to be competitive in their block play. They enjoy contests with their friends to see who can build the tallest block tower. They will also compete against themselves, seeing if they can "best" their last creation.

How many blocks are appropriate for the 6-8 year old child?

Children of this age will do well with 80-120 blocks. They may become frustrated with smaller sets that won't let them build their fantastic ideas. They do enjoy playing in groups, so consider a larger set with more blocks for group play. Also they will usually want more blocks as they get older so consider adding to their set later or buying a wooden block set that will grow with them.

What kinds of shapes and sizes of blocks are important for this age?

They like to build large structures, so they need lots of blocks, in a variety of sizes and lengths. They love unique shapes to add the creative finishing touches to their buildings. It is important to have both large and small blocks in square and rectangle shapes. Large blocks are great for structure and small blocks can add variety like making a round or curved building. Children of this age will want shapes like triangles, wedges, arches, and rounded shapes.

What type of wood is best for this age?

Blocks can be made from a soft or a hard wood. Children will enjoy either. Children of this age will be hard on blocks, building large structures and crashing them down. So hard wood products are beneficial because they are more durable.They can be very pricey though, so choose your set wisely. There are many types of hard woods and the price range will vary according to the species of wood. Children of this age don't really need or want the colored blocks. They are happy with plain, natural wood. If the blocks are painted or dyed make sure they are tested to be safe for children.

How will you clean up and store the blocks?

A group of 6-8 year old children will spread a set of blocks out all over a room in no time. They are pretty cooperative when clean up time comes and are capable of organizing blocks in a certain order in a crate or box. They may even enjoy ordering them this way. But it is also nice to be able to quickly put them in a bucket, box of bin on a shelf.

A set of wooden building blocks is a great toy for the 6-8 year old child. Blocks are an educational toy that can provide hours of creative fun. They are durable and will last for years. They make a great investment for any family.

M. Sheffield is co-owner of Back To Blocks. Back To Blocks offers many sizes and styles of hardwood block sets in convenient bright colored storage buckets. Back To Blocks has several block sets specifically targeted to the 6-8 year old child. They carry block sets from 60-200 blocks and have unique blocks found no where else.

All Back To Blocks products are handmade in the U.S.A. and are safety tested and approved.

If you are interested in quality wooden block sets at an affordable price,visit us at Wooden Blocks

We also have an 80 piece hardwood block set sold only on amazon that is a good set for 6-8 year old children. See this block set at 80 Piece Block Set

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