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The Best Wyndham Timeshare Reviews

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 492

Discovering Wyndham Timeshare Reviews

When you first begin your research on timeshares, it is highly likely that you will discover some extremely pleasant Wyndham timeshare reviews. Wyndham Worldwide is currently the leading timeshare company in the world, and it's for a good reason: their amenities, as well as their hospitality, are usually through the roof. Since two of the top places to stay for vacation in the United States are Las Vegas and Florida, the following will contain an overview of four well-rated resorts Wyndham has to offer in these locations: the Grand Desert resort in Las Vegas, Bonnet Creek in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Cypress Palms in Kissimmee, Florida, and Sea Gardens at Pompano Beach, Florida.

Wyndham Grand Desert, Las Vegas

Wyndham timeshare reviews of the Grand Desert resort report that furnishing are contemporary and comfortable. The resort features two pools, one of which is for adults 18 and up, a feature that greatly pleases certain patrons. Wyndham Grand Desert is located off the Las Vegas Strip, and aside from the Had Rock Casino, isn't within walking distance of any casinos. However, this makes for a very quiet and relaxed vacation, and a shuttle bus does provide transportation. Grand Desert is one of the few timeshares located in Las Vegas, and its quieter location makes for a vacation away from the noise and crowds typically associated with the gambling capital of the world.

Wyndham Bonnet Creek, Florida

Bonnet Creek usually gets great Wyndham timeshare reviews, due to its excellent location (right near Disney World), and for the fact that it is less expensive than staying at a resort owned by the Disney Vacation Club. Its units are also larger than the ones found at DVC, not to mention well-decorated. Bedrooms range from one to four, and due to the resort's size, you're unlikely to have problems booking. Depending on how flexible your travel plans are, you might even be able to get away with waiting for the 45 day discount (booking your trip only a month and a half before your departure date). Bonnet Creek is a great choice for families wanting to be within a good distance to Disney World.

Cypress Palms And Sea Gardens, Florida

Cypress Palms is a great choice for those who know they'll be needing Last Call or Extra Vacations Getaways. However, rentals can be hard to obtain during February, as that is the height of the season for travelers who want to visit Florida during the winter. Cypress Palms is an older resort, but it's recently been refurbished, and features a pool and activity center. It is also pretty well located: it's within a good 10 or so minutes of Disney World and the rest of the parks, and has several restaurants and a 24-hour CVS located close by. Sea Gardens is yet another older resort, but visitors are typically impressed with its quaint feel and over-all good looks. Furnishings have been done well, and accommodations are rather spacious. Wyndham Sea Gardens not only has a pool for visitors, but there is also a beach located just across the street.

Robyn Parson is the creator of the Buy Timeshare website. She developed the website as a one-stop-shop for people in need of information on RCI Timeshares.

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