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Time Clocks - Easy To Use and Maintain

April 04, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 112

Due to the presence of a number of time management products suppliers, the variations in time clocks can be found like basic, time and date stamps, self calculating and software based time and attendance systems. All such products are designed with the same objective to monitor and record the working hours of employees in different sized companies. Adding to it, these all are known to come with easy setup, easy to use and easy to maintain feature as well.

Through this article, we'll come to know how time clocks capture employee punches. The clocks do this by using the following:

Biometric hand readers

The biometric hand readers are based on using the unique shape of the employee's hand in order to verify his or her identity as well as to collect time & attendance information. Biometric technology comes with certain advantages like it makes buddy punching impossible and also helps to avoid badges that are hard to manage by the employees.

Biometric finger readers

Identifying employees by unique fingers increases security. The privacy of the employee is protected without storing actual fingerprints in the system, just mathematical templates are stored. When the employee puts their fingers on the clocks, their scan is matched with the template stored in the system and the employee is punched in.

The best thing about the readers is that it identifies the employees in less than one second and puts end to buddy punching.

Pin time clocks

The clocks are based on PIN i.e. Personal Identification Number to identify the employee. Employees are asked to enter their PINs directly into the keypad. The clocks feature no badges to use and also comes with the features of easy setup and easy to maintain.

Proximity readers

The clocks or card readers which are based on the proximity feature comes with the ability to record the presence of employees from a short distance. The employees are asked to wave a badge and each badge emits a radio frequency in order to identify the right person.

Online time sheets

The online time sheets based clocks are meant to punch online, view paid time off benefit balances as well as usage. The time sheets check work hours before a time card is authorized.

Thus, with the presence of above options of capturing employees' punches, it has become easier for the management to keep a record of all employees working through a well recorded time and attendance sheets in the organization.

Canadian Time Systems Inc offers easy to use & maintain time clocks and other facility management products including time and attendance systems, key control systems, security guard tour systems and much more in Port Coquitlam, BC.

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