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Overcome Procrastination: Focus On The Beginning Not The End

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 138

If you want to overcome procrastination you have to start working and therein lies the problem. You're procrastinating because you aren't working. You're postponing the work for a number of different reasons. You're most likely afraid of the end result. And because you constantly focus on the end result, you're unable to begin.

You Overestimate The Amount Of Work. When you focus on the end result, you'll often don't know what you'll have to do to finish. It could be a lot of work, but it's most likely not much. You can't know this until you figure out what the task takes to complete. By only focussing on the end result, you make herculean projects out of simple chores. This paralyzes you and you start procrastination.

The solution: Just do what you can, you're unable to always know everything in advance. Focus on what you do know and start with it. The rest will reveal itself as you go along.

You Fear Failing You fear the critics of others when you have to present your work. In order to defend yourself you procrastinate to provide an excuse for when you do fail. This is off course, an ideal setup for failure. You focus too much on what others are going to think about the end result. Don't do this, you are breaking your self-esteem and are sabotaging yourself.

The solution: Don't think about the end result and what others would say about it. You can't predict the future. Therefore focus on beginning to work and don't think about the end result.

Why Focus On The Beginning Most people have negative emotions related with finishing a task or presenting a finished task. But few have those emotions with beginning a task. Therefore, when you need to do a task, focus on beginning the task, instead of finishing it.

When you begin a task, you don't have to finish it right now. People often procrastinate because they think they can't finish a task in the given time period. That might be true, but why do you have to always finish it. If you do one bit now and another bit tomorrow, then it's finished just the same. Just begin the task and begin often. The finish line will soon be in reach.

A method to motivate yourself is to reward yourself after every solid 30 minutes of work. You earned it. In order to finish something, you have to first begin. Rewarding good behavior makes you do it more and more. Therefore, you can effectively train yourself to begin often.

About the author: Demian Kasier is the author of provides free time management and self improvement resources, with a focus on goal setting, increasing your persistence and overcoming procrastination.

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