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How to Start Doing and Stop Procrastinating

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 128

A lot of people at one time or another in their life want to make a change. Be it to change jobs, change careers, take up a new hobby, lose weight, stop smoking. Whatever it may be very few people actually take any action towards it. Worse still, of those that do start, most stop at the first hurdle and then give up. The main reason for this is because they procrastinate. This can be defined as "post-poning" action. Edward Young (1683-1765), an English Poet once said "Procrastination is the thief of time". In other words you can spend so long dreaming about your goals and no time actually doing anything to achieve them.

Why Do People Procrastinate - One of the main reasons is that we have no idea where to start. The goal is too big, too unobtainable. To beat this break it down into smaller chunks. Make each chunk actionable, with a date for completion. By doing this the goal will seem easier and simpler. You will feel motivated and with each small chunk completed move closer to the end result.

Overcome Obstacles - All that momentum we build up at the beginning is easily lost the moment we come to an obstacle in our path. This can cause us to not only lose momentum, but to give up altogether. To combat that we need another action plan. Look at the obstacle and work out all the ways it can be conquered. Make each way an actionable task and do it. Only once we have explored all the ways to get over it and not one them worked can we go back to the goal and review it. However 99 times out of 100 this will not happen. If you want something enough you will find a way over the hurdle you have encountered.

Enlist the help of others - Let friends and family know what you are doing. They can help in a number of ways - they keep you motivated, keep you accountable, help eliminate your self-doubt by boosting your self-confidence. You could choose one friend or family member and ask them to be your coach. Once a week show them your progress. This way you are having to answer and explain to someone else if you have failed to achieve what you intended, not easy to do. To avoid having to do this you will keep going.

Celebrate along the way - When you achieve each one of you smaller tasks reward yourself. Make this reward grow the closer you get to your goal. By doing this it will help you to recognise your commitment and hard work and reward it, helping to keep you motivated.

Always keep in mind that achieving your goals is a tough thing to do, a lot of hard work is needed by you to do it. The payoff though is well worth the effort. Try to remember this and that doing something is always better than doing nothing. Do not let procrastination stand in your way, follow the tips in this article and beat it.

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You have nothing to lose and only time to gain!

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