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How to Finish What You Start

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 156

One of the biggest problems for people who work online is not being able to follow through on their projects. You start off with lots of enthusiasm and you get into it, only to be blocked by difficulties or your own dwindling energy. How do you keep it going and get things done? Follow-through is a skill you have to learn just like SEO or running a WordPress blog, but there aren't as many tutorials out there to help.

Planning Helps You Complete Your Projects

Are you the kind of person who has more ideas than hours in a day? If so, you're guaranteed to be a success. All you have to do is reign that dreaming in a little bit. You need to be fully committed to each idea you start or else you won't get anywhere. For each new idea, decide whether it's for real or just a whim. The projects you poop out on are usually of the whim variety.

Jack of All, Master of None

New ideas are exciting, but what you need to get things done is focus. Don't take on too much at once. Narrow it down to one new thing at a time. Of all the ideas swimming around in your head, which one excites you the most? Prioritize your ideas and choose the best one for now. Be selective about how you spend your energy.

Pace Yourself

Lots of people don't finish things because they lose their energy or they just burn out. That burst of initial enthusiasm decreases eventually. Take on projects like a long-distance runner starts a race - by pacing yourself. Rather than launching right into it, spend a set amount of time each day on your new project and don't go over. This will help you maintain the energy more evenly as you work your way through it.

Set Small Goals

Break up your big goal into smaller goals, and then break those up even further until you've got a list of simple tasks that you need to do. Start with the end result that you have in mind. When you work day-by-day on smaller goals, it's much easier to see the progress you're making, and this keeps you motivated. It keeps you from getting lost along the way. Use these small goals as a roadmap, but don't be afraid to improvise. If things aren't going right or you get a new flash of inspiration along the way, change it up a little.

Mark Your Progress

One of the main reasons we give up and quit is that we can't see any progress. You feel like you've done all of this work for nothing. When you track your progress, it shows you how far you've come. Even though you haven't finished yet, you've gotten closer through all of your hard work. This makes it almost impossible to quit because you don't want to throw away all the work you've done so far.

While you're working day-by-day and achieving your small goals, never lose sight of the big goal you've got in mind. If you start to drift, keep that initial inspiration close at hand. Remember why you wanted to start the project in the first place. If you keep this vision in your head, you'll find it impossible to stop.

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