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How to Create More Time

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 147

Are you writing out your goals, making your to-do lists and imagining life as productive, creative and happy? Are you also wondering how you are going to fit everything into your already full schedule? You find yourself wishing you just had more time to get it all done. You're not alone in this dilemma, most people long for more time.

Ask yourself these four questions to help you create more time:

#1 - Am I aware that I only have twenty-four hours in a day?

We all have twenty four hours in our day. The most influential and prosperous people in the world also have only twenty-four hours. The key to productivity and satisfaction is analyzing how you are spending this precious time.

Imagine your twenty-four hour day represented by a circle; I call this the Time Circle.

Your day is divided into three eight-hour segments for sleep, work and leisure. Most people need a good eight hours of sleep to feel energetic and creative. This part of your Time Circle should be non-negotiable. If you find yourself devoting more time than eight hours to work, the additional hours come out of your leisure time - include getting ready for and traveling to work, which could result in over eight hours. The remaining hours are used for leisure and family time.

#2 - Do I know how I am spending my time?

Using the Time Circle, where the ideal day divides everything into eight hour segments, take an inventory on how you are using your time. Make your own Time Circle on a sheet of paper - this is a great visual. For two days pay attention on the activities that are filling your day. Where are you wasting time? How can you possibly fit anything else into an already filled Time Circle? What can you get rid of?

#3 - Am I very clear about what is important to me for 2012?

Not being clear about what you want and the benefits that it brings to your life can result in feelings of overwhelm, being stuck, and frustration. Take the time to think about the most important changes and accomplishments you want for 2012. Write out the specifics of your vision and the outcomes. Make a commitment to make this happen.

#4 - Am I willing to say no?

Your Time Circle can be bursting at the seams with activities, events and other obligations that are not supporting your goals. Yes, they may be fun and important, but filling up your time with these things will rob you of the time you need to accomplish your mission - to make fabulous things happen in 2012!

Frequently you won't say no to requests for fear of rejection, of missing out on something or concern of what others will say. Become familiar with your reasons for not saying no. Make your desire for achieving your goals stronger that your fear of saying no and build your confidence to say this two-letter word. Your challenge is to review your Time Circle inventory and assess where you can apply this.

You may also need to say no to yourself; "No, I won't watch TV tonight" or "No, I won't spend time doing this myself" in order to free up space on your Time Circle.

#5 - Am I committed enough to my goal to schedule time to work on my goals?

An effective time-management tool is to schedule time in your calendar to complete activities like: work on a project, exercise, relax call potential clients, family time or read a leadership development book. This helps you get focused, productive and avoid overwhelm. Begin today to schedule the most important things or activities that you really want to achieve.

You really can create more "time" in your day if you are truly inspired to surge ahead this year and make your vision come true. Nurture your Time Circle and design it to make time your friend.

Jeanette Eleff is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in helping women stay focused on creating their lives, careers, and businesses filled with vitality; including success, happiness and spunk! She does this through igniting fires under her clients and showing them how to embrace their spirit and cultivate their courage. Explore Jeanette's unique and energizing coaching services and programs at

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