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How Not Being Punctual Can Ruin Your Chances of Success

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 158

Are you always running late? Have you lost a once in a lifetime opportunity (like an interview you've been waiting for weeks, like that business prospect you have been dying to nail) just because you arrived five minutes after the designated time?

Nothing feels more treacherous and heart wrenching than seeing your targeted goal or objective just out of reach and knowing very that you are never going to get it again. The reason being that you were just a bit late. You just don't know how to be punctual. Well, rest easy because I will offer you a solution that will just turn your life around.

The best way to change from always being late to always punctual is to fine tune your routine and to change your behaviors. First of all it is good to accept that you have a problem of always being late for any event no matter how important or less significant it is. You cannot tackle any problem by denial. This means that if you accept that you have a problem it will now be far much easier for you to tackle it.

It is a very important issue to always being conscious of time i.e. it is good to understand the meaning of being in time. Always have a watch or clock around. Be it a wrist watch, wall clock, computer, mobile phone etc. always make sure tat at all times you always have some item or gadget that can confirm the time for you.

It might also be good if you were to set your time gadgets like two to five minutes ahead of time to always give that extra few minutes. It is highly recommended that you synchronize all your time pieces so that they are displaying the same times. One of the biggest you can always make is assuming that every thing is going to follow the time frame you have set for it. That is why it is highly recommended that you give each event an allowance of about ten minutes each on top of the normal designated time.

One of the biggest errors that poor time keepers usually make is in the morning, with the alarm button! Whenever the alarm bell goes off, they usually hit the snooze button to try and some extra few minutes of sleep. This usually ends up with them being late for the rest of the day. Try putting the alarm clock some way out your reach so that you have to get up to go and shut it off. Also it is advisable to sleep early to avoid the morning hiccups. Always try to sleep for an average of seven to eight hours per night.

Be fifteen minutes early for any task you need to complete. This gives you enough time to counteract any unforeseen issues e.g. traffic jam, visiting the john etc. Check your daily routine and observe and examine the times that you waste lots of time and then try to avoid them e.g. checking your emails while siting might tempt you to surf the web for other unrelated issues, while doing it standing will ensure that you only check the emails and nothing else.

Always make sure that your tasks are chronologically organized and categorized according to their importance. A rule that you should always keep in mind is that disorganization leads to time wastage. With those tips your lateness is now a thing of the past.

Get more help with how to be punctual and check out this easy to use punctuality hypnosis.

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