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Terms and Conditions for Authors and Publishers

By submitting your article to the directory, you hereby proclaim that you're the originator of the content and are fully responsible for the article that you submit to our site. If plagiarism and outright copying from other sources without giving credit, the author or the publisher will bear the full brunt of the responsibility as a result from any damages or liabilities.

Essence Articles reserves the rights to determine which articles get published. The decisions made by Essence Articles are solely based on our criteria and any decision made is final. We do not guarantee that your articles will be accepted.

Should our editors determine that a submitted article should fall under a different category, we also reserve the legal right to re-classify it under a different category as we see fit.

When you submit your articles, you also agree to give us permission and full authorization to publish your articles as we see fit. Once submitted to us, we reserve the right to use the article for our ownpurposes which includes but is not limited to delivery to other article directories, for use in our own mailing lists and various other sources.

If your article is deemed uncouth, contains hateful propaganda, unethical methods, breach of privacy or any intent to cause harm to another party, we reserve the right to terminate your account or the right to reject your article if we discover anything of this sort.

Plagiarized articles will be rejected without question as we use sophisticated methods to scan the validity or the authenticity of your articles. No warning will be offered in such cases as we take the issue of plagiarism very seriously.

As part of our effort to grow our community, we offer free support for all our authors and publishers. While you will not be paid for your submissions, all relevant acknowledgment and credited to the author that are deemed worthy of special mention.

Finally, we reserve the right to include advertisements throughout your submitted articles. We will not be held accountable or responsible for any loss as a result of your published articles.