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The Features Of A Tennis Ball Machine

April 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 124

If you want to improve your game tremendously, then purchasing a tennis ball machine is a good investment to undertake. However, these are not very cheap items, so make sure you do sufficient research before committing yourself to buying one. There are certain features that have to be looked into sufficiently before making the most appropriate decision.

The first feature is the capacity of the machines. This means the number of balls it could hold before you have to go over and fill it up again. The range is quite wide, although rarely do they fall outside the one hundred to two hundred balls ranges. Some may have lower than that or higher than that, so make sure you buy what you feel suits you best.

Another key feature is what is known as oscillation. This basically refers to how randomly the machine is able to shoot the balls out. Good machines have are able to shoot balls in varied directions, although they also should have the option of allowing you to practice a particular shot by shooting the ball to a particular spot.

Also important is that is known as feed ball rate. This is in reference to how many balls the mechanism is able to feed to you as a player. A good one has to allow you to set comfortable ranges. The range could be from every two seconds to every twelve seconds. Machines that give you more control also tend to cost more.

Another key feature is known as the ejection rate. In other words, how fast it is able to shoot a ball out of itself. A good range is one that can eject at between ten miles per hour and sixty miles per hour. A slow one does not I give you sufficient challenge while one that is too fast could easily injure you.

Just like in a normal game, how the balls spin from all machines is vital. Modern machines are able to give varied spins on balls, giving it variation. They can provide a top spin, a backspin or no spin at all. Just like a normal player, a good mechanism has to spin the ball in different directions randomly. This gives a more realistic experience than one that spins only in one definite direction.

Key to the performance of these machines is also their trajectory statistics. To get proper practice, it should deliver high lobs or ground strokes, just like in a normal game. The wider the range of shots the better it is for you. The instrument should also not be too bulky, or it might be very difficult to carry it to the court and back every time you have to use it.

A very important consideration to note for every tennis ball machine is its source of power. There are some that use a battery while others obtain power from outlets. It is usually preferable to get one that has its own internal batteries. This is for the simple reason that not all tennis courts have power sources near them.

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