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Getting People to Attend Your Teleseminar

June 24, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 60

The fear of not getting enough people to your teleseminar can paralyze you from taking action, especially if you figure it will take a lot of time and work to set it up.

Obviously you don't want to waste your time if no one is going to come.

So, I'm going to address two solutions to this issue:

1. How to make sure people show up to your teleseminar.

2. How to make the most of an unattended teleseminar.

Let's start with solution number one:

How to Make Sure People Show Up to Your Teleseminar

There are some secrets to success I've learned over the years through experience.

Here are some tips and suggestions for you:

Plan Your Teleseminar Ahead

If you don't have a large list you can tap at a few minutes notice then you're going to need to plan ahead to make the most of your event. Give it at least a month so you can plan out your teleseminar setup, marketing and follow-up.

Once you've got your plan, work it hard. Use all the resources available to you to connect with your potential market and invite them to your telseminar. This may be:

  • your email list
  • your blog
  • your website
  • teleseminar announcement websites
  • press releases
  • local networking groups
  • etc.

Use Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your event. Post it on facebook, tweet about it, blog about it and add it to Linked In.

Partner With Influencers

In order for this to work there needs to be something in it for the person you are partnering with. A great way to make this worthwhile for a partner is for you to offer a product as an upsell to your teleseminar and you split the profits with your partner.

You can do this any way you like:

  • have them email their list to sign up to your teleseminar
  • interview them
  • have them interview you
  • have them attend while you present

The important point here is the transfer of trust that happens when one trusted resource recommends another (you!).

Do a Giveaway

If there is something your market needs you may be able to attend in larger numbers if you offer it up as a prize to one of the attendees.

I've done this myself by giving away entrance into my coaching program, Website Design Mojo, with great success.

If All Fails and No One Shows Up

What if no one shows up? Is it a total waste of your time?

Not at all! Do the teleseminar anyway, record it and you've got yourself a great marketing tool or even a product to sell. You'll also have gained valuable experience you can put towards the next teleseminar.

There are some ideas for you.

The best way to increase your chances of success is to keep trying! Don't just have one bad teleseminar and give up. The more you do, the more you will understand what people respond to in your market and the better you will get at drawing a crowd!

If you need help with the technical details to setting up your teleseminar then check out this great resource on Teleseminar Hosting.

Here's the link:

Please let me know if you get your teleseminar up and running, I'd love to check it out!

Author: Angela Wills, Marketers Mojo

Source: EzineArticles
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