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IP Networks and Phone Systems

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 147

If you are on the phase of setting up the infrastructure of your business then you might come across some difficulties in IP network especially if your business involves inbound and outbound sales calls and heavy customer support mechanisms.

Firstly, what is an IP network? Commonly known as data pockets the network is used to relay all forms of data within an internetwork from a computing device to another. The IP network utilises the internet as the communication medium within a network with unique IP addresses for the proper delivery of data using the subnet mask of your computing device. IP networks in telecommunications are often used in both conventional and virtual PBX systems however the latter has become more favorable for businesses today because of its affordability and diverse features that is not found on conventional systems.

If you will be installing PBX systems then the reliability of your phones will directly depend on your IP network, there are a number of key points to remember for your system to work with precision and outstanding quality.

Proper Investments - Spending money on cheap and crappy equipments is never a good choice, you don't need to spend thousands of dollar extra to have the best communication supplies possible, the key is looking for the best suppliers and best deals in the market.

Know what to buy - You must know your business from in and out to decide which is which, for an instance the capacity of the network router that you'll need and the number of phone handsets for your PBX. However foreseeing an expansion is always a smart move, choose communication equipments and units that enables you to add more phones and or computers without unnecessary replacements.

Business grade Interne connection - If you will be using a cloud PBX and or SIP trunks as your primary phone system, then you might want to have a business internet plan to be able to handle the immense volume of data and phone calls. Normally glitches related to call quality is because of the internet connection and not the system's server.

Output medium - cloud PBX systems let you choose either a computer based phone system or a more traditional feel using IP phone handsets. Although the two seems completely different the concept is the same and only differs in the output medium. For PC based systems a USB headset is advisable because of its noise cancellation and static features, on the other hand it is best to choose IP handsets that have programmable buttons for maximisation of features.

The key for an outstanding customer service in a well structured IP network and phone systems, be sure to take enough time before settling for a system, do your homework and know the pros and cons of each components that you'll be purchasing.

Melanie Thompson is a business start-up expert that specializes in telecom and her high standards was only met by Grovecoms communication supply.

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