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Treasure Mapping Your Success

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 164

Treasure mapping is a great self-discovery tool as well as a very powerful law of attraction technique. It serves as a road-map to your success, and will help guide you along your journey to becoming who you want to be, and getting what you want to have!

Before you begin treasure mapping, you must know exactly what you want most. Spend some days really thinking hard and being absolutely honest with yourself about this. Write down a large, broad list of desires and experiences you want to have. Refine this list and continue "cutting" the lesser desires until you have a solid top ten list to work with. It is important not to place any limitations upon your desires when forming this list. Just imagine that you can have anything you wish. Do not worry about HOW. You may just surprise yourself with some of your deepest wants. The suppressed person you always wanted to be should surface in this exercise. Be thankful, for this is good. Now you should definitively know what you want most.

Treasure mapping is similar to story telling. Try and arrange the wants from your desire list in a natural order that tells a story. Be careful not to worry about HOW you will achieve these things. Just see if you can arrange them in an order that feels right to you.

Now it is time to get your hands dirty! Start getting into detail about your specific wants. Draw them out, research them, price them, cut out pictures of them, plan for receiving them. Whatever you can create that will make you think about your desire in as much detail as possible. If you want a new truck, what make and model, color, interior, luxury packages, etc? Get specific! Treasure mapping is detailed work but your success depends on it.

All you have to do now is follow your desires, one by one, until you have reached the end of your road-map! Begin by focusing on the first of your arranged top ten desires. Use all of the detailed creations and props you can to remind yourself exclusively of that desire. Think only of it and nothing else until you achieve your goal. When you successfully achieve your first desire, begin working your way to your second, and so on.

Organizing your goals in this way allows you to use the power of focused thought and feelings to bring about changes fast. Instead of diluting your efforts over a varied and often muddy desire mindset. You will systematically hone in on your top desires in a defined order which feels natural to you. This is an extremely powerful and effective way to use your mind!

The secret to successful treasure mapping is in patience and attention to detail. Take the time to get your top ten desire list right. Take the time to create powerful creations of your desires in EXACT detail! Whatever you choose to make or use should provoke strong emotions of desire, joy, and gratitude when you imagine owning them. Take the time to use all of your senses in your mental visualizations. Own them now inside yourself and feel grateful. Through the law of attraction, one at a time, you will get what you want most! Success mapping your way to happiness by design rather than following an unguided script. You have the pen and the power over your own destiny. Who will you become? What do you want most? It is up to you to find it and now you know how! Remember, X marks the spot, and without it you are lost. Your mental focus is your destination. Choose it wisely and deliberately and happiness will be your bounty!

You can have whatever you want in life. You just have to know how to ask! Find out today how easy tomorrow can be, click the following link!

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