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Techniques of Persuasive Speaking

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 107

There are many approaches and techniques that one can use in speaking to others and influencing their thinking or viewpoint according to what the speaker desires. This is persuasive speaking which seeks to manipulate the mind of other people so that they would change the ways they perceive things. The use of persuasive thinking is commonly seen in the marketing and advertising fields, where the consuming public is convinced to patronize certain products or services.

This skill is also put at play in situations where a person needs to win over another person or a group of people to achieve a particular goal or create a desired outcome. Thus, it requires an ability to get the attention of people as quickly as possible. Once the speaker has other people's attention, he subsequently keeps their trust and confidence. This is not as easy as it seems, since people have their own cultures, beliefs and mindsets. To be effective at persuasive speaking, you have to master the skill and only a few have that gift.

Time and Practice

Like any other skills, the art of persuasion can be learned though. It is basically a mode of communication and so, like other forms of communication, anyone can be good at persuasive speaking. All you need is to give its study an ample amount of your time and the opportunity to practice the newfound skill as often as you can. In other words, the key is time and practice. Practice makes perfect.

The first thing to remember is that speaking is a form of human communication and all human communications aim to convince and persuade. When you talk to a prospective buyer about the benefits of the health supplement you are selling, you want him to believe your every word. To accomplish this, you need some amount of persuasiveness.

Pillars of Persuasion

These are the three pillars of persuasion set by experts on which you can base your study of techniques to master the art of persuasive speaking:

* Mental preparation - Before speaking to a group, know what kind of people are in it. If the people in your audience, for example, are predominantly women, you must prepare to speak in a manner that respects women's sensibilities. You can't spice your speech with vulgarities that would interest men.

Apart from the ethical considerations, your mental preparation must also include knowing what your audience wants and hates. Focus on these considerations and you can do no wrong.

* What you say - The content of your speech or talk must be credible. Speak to culture, meaning you address the prevailing backgrounds of the people you are talking to. The objective is to get the interest of your audience, after which you try to establish rapport.

* How you say your piece - This requires the qualities of good speech that will help you establish visceral of visual contact with your audience. At the heart of a good speech is fluency. If you stutter and mumble your words, there is no way you can connect with your audience. Lack of fluency will turn off anyone and diminish your ability to persuade.

Luke Wright is a persuasive speaking expert. For more great information on persuasive speaking information, visit

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